7 Top Secret WhatsApp Tips And Tricks 2021

WhatsApp Tips And Tricks for android mobile phone, window phone, iPhone, blackberry mobile and also for computer and Top best secret WhatsApp cheats sniffer and hacks is making this messaging app more amazing,

There are many new working latest WhatsApp Tips 2021 and many more new working and also popular WhatsApp tricks 2021,

To be continued people also trying to get new working tips and tricks of this, Let’s know more about this.

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WhatsApp Tips Tricks For Android Mobile Smart Phone Computer

Here are some best tips and tricks which you might not know, These all tips and tricks working on all devices, means you can use this in Blackberry phone, Android Mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, window Nokia mobile phone also on your PC or computer,

Then let’s get it one by one –

#1 Trick for Hide “Last Seen” Timestamp

If you wanna private your visit on WhatsApp then you must know about this trick,

  • Actually when you see any messages of friends, then Your friends can find your visiting time quickly by last seen option,
  • So your privacy is not secure, But if you want to hide your visit,
  • Then you must change by default setting of WhatsApp,
  • Then just disable ” Last Seen” Timestamp by follow these some easy steps.
  •   Settings > Chat Settings > Advanced and set Last Seen Timestamp to Off

#2 Backup And Restore of  WhatsApp Chats Conversation

If you wanna Backup your chat conversation when you will change you device, or you wanna format you mobile or android phone,

Then you can back up it; It will help you to restore your conversation again, after res installing this great app.

  • For your Android  Settings > Chat settings and tap Backup conversations 
    For save this conversation use a file manager and save, it like /sd card/WhatsApp/Media.
  • For iOS Backup – Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup, then tap Back Up Now.
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#3 Lock Your WhatsApp

Whatsapp is more private from social networking sites, If you will watch many survey then you will find that on WhatsApp message people are sharing more private which not sharing on Social sites chat,

So for secure your conversation you can use for Android Whatsapp lock  app and for blackberry you can use Blackberry Lock for WhatsApp.

These both are very easy to use and you can give small password with backup pin.

#4 Send Conversation to Email

This features also very interesting, Now you can send your all Conversation to your email any time very easily,

  • After send, you can see all media and text from your email.
  • You can send undeleted and one friend’s  Conversation.
  • Just open any friends chat now click on left option key and click on more  > Email  Conversation

#5 Create Shortcuts For Important Contacts

This tricks no more special but it is also can help you to speed up your WhatsApp communication without searching more friends,

Means if you have biggest list of your Whatsapp friends user, If you wanna any to send msg than finding that one taking more time,

Now using this trick you can Shortcuts For Important Contacts  your most using contacts,

It’s very easy, Just go on that friends contact and click on Add conversation shortcut and its done.

#6 Stop WhatsApp Pictures From Directly Appearing In Camera Roll Or Gallery

If you wanna avoid some pictures showing you Gallery which you getting from WhatsApp,

Means many picture may be bad for your gallery and you wanna avoid them than just follow this for avoid directly bad images clutter up your Gallery

For iOS –  Settings > Privacy > Photos and then turn the Off

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For Android  – On Android mobile its hard method completing by create a .nomedia file So for this you must follow an entire process, Here you will see coming.
create a .nomedia file

#7 Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number

Many friends for change WhatsApp number just using uninstalling and installing method,

Most people don’t the right way to change WhatsApp Phone Number.
You can change number without uninstalling

  1. Just Go on Setting > account > Delete My account
  2. For add new number just add and verify easily.
  3. You can Change number using This one also –  Settings > Account > Change number.
Top Secret WhatsApp Tips And Tricks 2015 For All image photo

Need More new Whatsapp working Tricks and Tips?

If you need more tips and tricks for this great messaging application then just ask us, Nowadays these methods are secret, and most people want to know, Recently we just adding these tricks which making this app more enjoyable,

I hope you will enjoy this some core and some secret WhatsApp tips and tricks for mobile, iPhone iPad, Computer, PC and fro all.

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