Top Best 15 File Best File Manager for Android Smartphone Tablet 2021

File Manager App for Android smartphone or top free best file manager for android alsp for tablet very useful if you wanna manage right way folders, then you should install best File Manager App for Android smartphone free download.

After sharing on best Photo editing app and video editing apps, now we just share about best android file manager app.

 File Manager App for Android

15 Top Best File Manager for Android also for Tablet 2021

One of the best highlights of savvy phones– be it Android, iOS or Windows, is that it can be utilized as a USB mass stockpiling gadget, with no additional connection.

You can see the substance in your cellular telephones and tablets specifically, and if obliged, you can move, erase or duplicate any information you need.

1.Root Explorer File Manager
2.File Expert File Manager
3.MIUI File Manager
4.Ghost Commander File Manager
5.Super Commander File Manager
6.File Manager
7.File Explorer File Manager
8.Ant Tek File Manager
9.Android File Manager
10.OI File Manager
11.Power Grasp File Manager
12.Solid Explorer File Manager
13. Free File Manager
14.Air Droid File Manager
15.Total Commander File Manager

It is not amazing that there are a huge number of record administration apps in the Android business and clients are left mistaken for the wide range available to them, and don’t know which one to pick. The answer to the issue is given underneath.

 File Manager App for Android


1. Root Explorer 

This file management app is a standout amongst the most famous and required app nowadays. Despite the fact that it is a paid one, it is speaking to the clients for its fundamental capacities.

One of the most useful thing that it allow to access root files and can help in easy edit, Thats why we placed this app on first place, You can try it without reading more app.

  • It offers access to the framework records put away on the gadget furthermore offers read/compose access to other spared documents in the organizers.
  • An Android portable which has root access will require the vicinity of root voyager running on it.

2. File Expert

This is an extremely easy to understand the app, and you will soon see that it meets all your document investigating necessities to the handle.

The app gives quick access to records and in the meantime likewise gives you a chance to interface with distributed storage like Baidu Cloud,, Dropbox and so on.

  • Record Master gives you a chance to share content through Bluetooth and web, access FTP servers, and different administrations.
  • An included highlight about this app is that it gives some extremely fascinating subjects to make your document exchange work additionally captivating.

3. MIUI File Explorer

A standout amongst the most conspicuous highlights of the MIUI Record Adventurer is the expansion of local Document Wayfarer.

The interface is perfectly set and the application has the capacity channel out the substance on the premise of features, music, pictures, compress records, et cetera.

  • You can likewise get to your spared substance over FTP, which can be effortlessly set through a solitary tap.
  • Prior the app was accessible for MIUI ROMs just is presently available to the general population as well.
  • This has added a considerable measure to its prevalence and makes this app one of the best Android record administrators on the racks of play stores.

4. Ghost Commander

It is said that that the Aggregate Commandant got its begin from Phantom Officer. This application is the first on the scene to have a double to investigate documents.

  • Alongside the highlights that are given by Aggregate Officer,
  • You will get a word processor, thumbnail perspectives, and most loved envelopes as well.
  • The UI is not as satisfying as is said as such.

5. Super Manager 

This application is a far-reaching document voyager and administrator in the Android advertise and is the part more than simply a record supervisor. It is additionally an APK Chief,

  • Assignment Director, Document Supervisor, Application defender,
  • Restore and Reinforcement apparatus and Auto scheduler; which implies that it is an all in one application.
  • Super Chief gives you a chance to get to root level records as well and concentrates APKs from effectively introduced applications.

6. File Manager 

This app has name ever, but then, users should not go by its name. It is a powerful app with clean and simple UI. File Manager has some wonderful features like to offering the capability of browsing through files by directory and category,

  • Supporting the usual operations for folders and files.
  • It can also mark a folder or file as favorite.
  • One of the best Android file managers indeed

7. File Explorer

This is yet another application which is exceptionally basic and simple to utilize, and quick as well.

These all are the great qualities that a recording director must have. It utilizes the mainstream Holo subject which is loved by most clients.

There are two adaptations of this application which makes it an “absolute necessity have” for individuals with various sorts of document administration prerequisites.

8. Ant Tek Explorer

This application gloats of being a basic, simple and adjustable document voyager and supervisor. It has distinctive subjects that incorporate both light and dim shades.

This very useful application is pressed with double boards which makes it simple for to become acquainted with dependable and precise document administration highlights.

  • Having two or more boards is an advantageous issue as, it permits you to move.
  • Customize information with the assistance of this application.
  • You can likewise modify certain highlights, according to your need.
  • Case in point, you can make the thumbnails bigger or the same number of times as you need!

9. Android File Manager

The Android File Manager helps you to oversee records on your telephone and SD card, on the off chance that you have any.

  • It gives you a chance to investigate the envelopes that contain your music, features and spared pictures.
  • It is a straightforward, simple and easy to understand record administrator and is something that everybody must have.

10. OI File Manager

This File Manager app is an absolute necessity for those clients who need to discover their records rapidly particularly when they are progressing.

It is essentially a basic and plain record chief and does not have any ringers or shrieks like a percentage of the apps specified previously.

With this app securely downloaded on your gadget, you will have the capacity to discover your records all the more effortlessly on your telephone and SD card. A portion of alternate highlights of this app is duplicating, cut, make easy routes, pack, bookmark, rename and then some.

11. Power Grasp 

Power Grasp utilizes double arrangement when you decide to utilize its scene mode. Documents can be relocated in this app.

A thing can be chosen and held down to look for the point of preference of the alternatives of opening, cutting, adapting, renaming, erasing et cetera. A gift given to the designer will spare you from enlivening undesirable advertisements.

  1. This app really very easy to use,
  2. You can explore any file in a click because app navigation are very user friendlly and one can understand in first time after install.

12. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is an awesome record administrator. It is comprehensive in nature and brags of two sorts of forms, a paid and a free one.

It is a basic app and the UI is anything but difficult to utilize, particularly in the event that you like Holo app.

  • You can choose in the middle of the light and dull topics and there are two different boards to search.
  • You can drop and drag records in the middle of these boards as well.

13. New File Manager

It is a unique sort of file manager. It has been particularly streamlined for tablets. It will give you a chance to deal with the documents that you have put away in the cloud from different sources like Google Drive, Facebook, and Drop box and so forth.

14. Air Droid 

On the off chance that you are envious of your buddies who have iPhone and can get and send messages from their Macintosh portable workstations,

Then download the Air Droid on your gadget and spot yourself a long ways in front of every one of them.

  • You will have the capacity to get and send messages with the assistance of this app on your Android devise too.
  • The activities performed on Air Droid occur with the assistance of the web program.

15. Total Commander 

The app is still not released in the Google play store, so it certainly merits a certain measure of consideration.

It has double sheets which implies that the demonstration of selecting records on Aggregate Administrator is certain to be very straightforward.

  • You can choose documents by tapping on the symbol of a record,
  • along these lines you can open various records at once.
  • The app permits opening a document with only a single tick on the .

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