Top 7 Best Cricket Games for Android & iOS 2021

Best Cricket Games for Android & iOS: Are you in search for the best Cricket Games for Android & iOS Phones ??… If you are then here is where you will end your search as we have provided the list of the latest edition of best Cricket Games for iOS & Android Users.

Cricket is one of the most popular Games that are played around the Globe and it has one of the most strongest Fanbases where Millions of people play Cricket.

The introduction of Video Games made our life much more interesting than ever. And one of the most popular Genres of games is the Cricket Games for Smartphones. As we can play this Cricket Games on our Android Phones anywhere and anyplace.

Best Cricket Games for Android & iOS 2019


Now if you go on searching for Best Cricket Games you will find a number of Games that you can choose from but some of those Cricket Games are really not worth your Time. So to save your Time and start your entertainment right away we have already tried out a number of different Cricket Games and finally, we are going to list out the Best Cricket Games for Android & iOS Users.

Top 7 Best Cricket Games for Android & iOS 2021:

Playing your favorite game of Cricket has never been so easy with the introduction of Android and iOS smartphones. As in past when we started playing the EA Sports Cricket we could only play it on our PC.

But now most of the Popular Cricket games are all available for Mobile users on Android and iOS devices. And for all our readers we have already picked a list of top Cricket games available on Android and iOS platform. We have chosen the games according to the features, users experience and the ratings of the game.

1. Real Cricket 17:

The Real Cricket 17 is one of the most complete and authentic Cricket game for the Android users. And with the recent update of the Real Cricket 16 to Real Cricket 17 it has added some really unique features for its players.

Real Cricket 17 is surely one of the most authentic Cricket games that provide some real experience for its players. And if you are a real fan of Cricket then this is one of the games that you will surely need to try out now.

Real Cricket 17 Cricket Games for Android & iOS 2019
  • The Android version of Real Cricket 17 comes with many features,
  • But some of the most popular ones are Multiplayer, Champions Cup,
  •  Premier League Auctions, Test Matches,
  • New Players Profile, Cricket Quiz and much more.

So the Real Cricket 2021 surely packs all the major components of a complete Cricket Game for both Android and iOS Users.

2. World Cricket Championship 2:

World Cricket Championship 2 is another Popular Mobile Cricket Game and it surely makes into our list among the best World Cricket Championship 2. It is really popular among the Cricket fans mainly because of the versatility of features that this Cricket game comes with.

World Cricket Championship 2 Cricket Games for Android & iOS 2019

The World Cricket Championship 2 3D Mobile Cricket game comes with a huge collection of Cricketing shots which you can try out while batting with your players.

  • Apart from the main feature the World Cricket Championship 2
  • Also comes with many other additional features such as Blitz Tournament for free,
  • Challenge AI, World T20 Cup,
  • World Cup, ODI Series,
  • Different Camera Modes and Angles and much more.

So if you want to feel the real scenario of Cricket Tournament on your Smartphone then the new World Cricket Championship 2 is a must try for you.

3. ICC Pro Cricket 2015:

ICC Pro Cricket 2015 was introduced as the Official Mobile Game of World Cup 2015 but even today it is one of the most popular Mobile Cricket Game among its users. The game is popular among its users mainly because of the real simulation and card management feature that it offers to its Players.

ICC Pro Cricket 2015 Cricket Games for Android & iOS 2019

And the ICC Pro Cricket 2015 is an official Game of World Cup 2015 it has all the teams of 14 Countries Participating in the tournament with more than 200 real Players.

  • The Game comes with features like Dream Team,
  • Quick Match Mode, Daily Objective,
  • Motion Capture Animation of the Game and much more.

If you want to enjoy the real Game of Cricket on your Smartphone then this is surely one of the most try Games for your Android & iOS devices.

4. Cricket World Tournament:

The new Cricket Unlimited 2019 is another really popular Mobile Cricket Game which is created by Cricket Fans for the Cricket Fans. And as the game is being designed by the Cricket lovers it surely contains all the important elements that every Cricket Fan would like to play.

Cricket Unlimited 2018 Cricket Games for Android & iOS 2019
  • The Latest edition of the Cricket Unlimited 2018 comes with some of the best modes of cricket as the Players can choose to play different format of the game including the ODI World Cup, T20 World Cup, ODI Series
  • And Test Match. So the Cricket Unlimited 2018 game surely provides a very realistic experience for its users.

Apart from that the game also comes with some of the other additional features such as Premier League Objectives, Latest Updates on the new Premier League Teams, a huge variety of Cricket Shots and much more.

5. Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018:

Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018 is another Mobile Game that you would love to play if you are a die-hard fan of the game of cricket. This Game brings out the real experience of the T20 format where you can hit the bowl with all your might.

 Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018 Cricket Games for Android & iOS 2019


  • Some of the great features about this game are that even at the initial stage the game comes with 4 different modes of the game which includes the Net Practice,
  • Tournament Mode, Super Over Mode and Challenge Mode.
  • And the game provides lots different features under different modes.

The Game Play of this Game is pretty simple which you can enjoy on your Smartphone. Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018 is available for both the Android and iOS users for free.

6. T20 Cricket Game 2018:

If you love a simple as well as a realistic game then the T20 Cricket Game 2018 is just what you will need. The Game has a very simple user interface using which you can bat and bowl using a very simple touch controls on your Smartphone which makes this very simple yet fun.

T20 Cricket Game 2018 Cricket Games for Android & iOS 2019


  • The game offers different modes of play which comes with the T20 Cricket 2018 Mode,
  •  Quick Match Mode, and the Challenge Mode.
  • You can choose any of the modes of the game to start playing it on your device.

If you want a very fun Cricket game for your Android and iOS then the T20 Cricket Game 2018 is one of the best options for you which you can download for free.

7. Cricket Career:

Cricket Career is another really great Cricket Game for Android & iOS users. I am personally a very big fan of this game and it was one of the first Cricket games that I ever played on my Smartphone and trust me it really did get me hooked on to the game for quite a long time.

One of the features that I really love about the Cricket Career is that it will let the players play with one of the best Cricketer Murali Vijay and built his career from scratch. And as you go on playing with this players you eventually gets attached to it.

Cricket Career Cricket Games for Android & iOS 2019


  • You can choose to play different formats.
  • And tournaments of the game which includes the ODIs, T20.
  • And Test Match and also play in different tournaments such as IPL.
  • Big Bash, T20 League and much more.

P.S: We Update our List with the latest collection of Cricket Games so do not forget to check the site at regular intervals


So the above was the list of Top 10 best Cricket Games for Android and iOS Smartphone users. And the Mobile Games that we have mentioned above is surely worth a try if you are a Cricket Fan and want to enjoy playing the Game of Cricket on your Android and iOS Devices.

We hope that we were able to list out all your favorite Cricket Games in the list above and if we have missed any please do let us know in the Comment Section. And also do let us know which one is your best Cricket Game with us and our readers.

Till then Sayonara.. !!

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