Should I Upgrade To Windows 10 Positive / Negative Review


Microsoft comes up with upgraded versions of Windows Operating System for users every now and then to give the latest features and new look to their PC.

Now, Microsoft has introduced another version of Windows OS and it is nothing but Windows 10.

This new operating system has come up with several changes having both good and bad things. So you may like to know about this.

But if you thinking about should i upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7 then this post will help you.

This latest version has huge number of enhancements which attracts lots of users than the older popular versions Windows 7 and XP.

But, it too had several shortcomings when compared to the older versions of the Windows Operating system and which should also be considered.

Should I Upgrade To Windows 10

Should I Upgrade To Windows 10

Here in this post, we have described all the positives as well as negative points of the Windows 10 OS which would give an overview.

After reading this article you might consider the top reasons for upgrading to Windows 10 or else the reasons to not consider upgrading.

It’s all up to your choice. We have just given both sides of the coin to bring the things in to reality. So windows users, we recommend you to have a glance at this review and come to a conclusion.

So here are should i upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7 or from windows 8.1 complete info, Using this you can select best one and can go for next process.

Best Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 OS

Before we know about the bad, we should talk about the good. So, we have listed all the top reasons for upgrading to the Windows 10 here for your reference.

  1. Windows 10 OS is Free

The very first good thing to say about Windows 10 OS is that, it is free completely for the PC for the life time. Microsoft makes it easy for the users to upgrade to Windows 10 by providing it for free.

It is free upgrade for those PC’s or laptops running on the genuine / original Windows 7 service pack 1 and windows 8.1 versions for the very first time. Free attracts many users obviously.

Windows 10 OS is Free

  1. Start Screen / Start Menu is Back

Windows 10 has come up with a good solution of combining both start screen and start menu at one place.

It restores the familiarity as well as the functionality of the start menu and holds the modern style of the windows 8 OS.

The start menu of Windows 10 is awesome. It is configurable in many ways, resizable as well as colorful.

If you are using a touch screen, you can use the start menu in the tablet mode or in full screen mode and not just one mode.

Start screen Menu is Back

  1. Works across All Devices

Windows 10 Operating System runs everywhere i.e., this version of OS works on desktop, phone, tablet as well as game console. There is also a version for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

This means that, the Windows 10 OS will work and look similar everywhere. This also allows the developers to make the apps work impeccably over all the devices.

Works across All Devices

  1. Virtual Desktops

Windows 10 is the first version of the Windows OS that introduces multiple desktop workspaces on same screen which are commonly known as virtual desktops.

It is not a new idea and Mac OS X of Apple and Linux distros had this virtual desktop feature since long time. But, this is new to Windows.

Though there is an add-on for enabling the virtual desktop in Windows XP, having this feature in Windows 10 is straight forward.

It has a Task View which allows the users to manage all the apps that are running on the device easily and which is a new feature. To get access to this Task View, you have to use Alt + Tab or Windows + Tab shortcut options.

Windows 10 Virtual Desktops

  1. Cortana

One of the main features of the Windows 10 OS is Cortana which is first personal assistant from the Microsoft. It is integrated in to the OS deeply. You can disable it if you don’t want this feature but, you can’t uninstall it.

This is a very useful feature and so it is recommended to think twice before you disable it. At the search box of the task bar, the users can find the cortana.

By entering a query, users can find files that are stored on OneDrive and locally, also get answers to the questions that users enter and images etc. There are many things that you can do with cortana.

Windows 10 Cortana

  1. Floating Apps

In Windows 10, users can find a new store and the apps can float on the desktop freely same as the traditional apps of the desktop. This makes the apps to not occupy the entire screen.

This is a great feature and we can see lots of improvement in this feature over the Windows 8 OS.

There are also many improvements in the Task Bar. Though there are changes and improvements, the usability is still the same.

Windows 10 Floating Apps

  1. Continuum

For PCs, Windows 10 upgrade is the major upgrade. But, Microsoft is also making improvements in the OS to work well in the devices that are enabled with touch.

Windows 10 comes with this Continuum which most of the people know it as the Tablet mode.

This is a new feature which switches the user interface from keyboard and mouse to touch environment.

windows 10 Continuum

  1. New Universal Windows Apps

Windows 10 comes with new app model called as Universal windows apps. These latest apps are in the modern style design which is seen in Windows 8.

These new windows apps works on all the devices and which is not seen in Windows 8. With this it becomes easy for the developers to write the code in common once for all the devices and the apps will run completely windowed. They are keyword and mouse friendly too.

Windows 10 New Universal Windows Apps

  1. More of Settings with Settings App

The control panel has changed completely in Windows 10 OS which is a revolution. The control panel remained same since Windows 95 and it is serious part of the older versions. These new settings are just awesome.

These are similar to PC settings in Windows 8 with few changes. But, they do also have more fame and more responsibilities of control panel.

You can now control your PC with these new settings. Not all settings are moved to settings app, you can also see the old control panel.

Windows 10 Settings with Settings App

  1. Action Center

Windows 10 OS comes up with a new Action Center feature that gives the new experience for the notifications.

This Action Center is similar to OS X from Apple. You can swipe right on the desktop to access the Action Center or else you can use the icon on the area of notification.

It gives two functionalities for the users. It organizes all the notifications as well as allows the users for accessing the “Quick Actions” button for controlling several system settings.

windows 10 action center icon

Now that you got to know all the good things of the Windows 10 OS. Now, let us move on to know few negatives too.

All Bad Things about Windows 10 You Should Know

As we read good things about windows 10 which can help us to take decision about Should I Upgrade To Windows 10 or we should stay with windows 7 or 8/8.1 or any others, Now read some bad things about windows 10 which noticed by many peoples.

  1. Start Screen / Start Menu

Though it is bone in some ways, it is also bane. Instead of having shortcuts, now the start menu is having Tiles.

Though you can remove those Tiles, to make it back look simple you will not have the items pinned anymore on the start menu.

In terms of space especially, the start menu is a bit constrained. Tiles are flowing vertically in a single screen instead of horizontally. Now all the apps are given in a side bar which is very narrow.

Start Screen

  1. Worst Privacy Concerns

Privacy is the most important concern of all the Windows 10 users particularly for those users who are not connected to a corporate network.

Though Microsoft has published huge number of pages on privacy policies and procedures, they haven’t listed the simple information about what they collect as a part of their telemetry efforts that are ongoing.

Users have no idea regarding what data will be collected by Microsoft as it is encrypted prior to sending which is what users can expect.

Though many observe this privacy concern as not an issue, to say for normal users it is really a big problem which should be considered.


  1. Worse Mail App

The mail app of the Windows 10 is worse than the older one. Windows 10 default email app has been shed off more during the transition to the universal windows app.

The app has lost its very basic functionality during this process. The users have to select long list of mails one by one, they need to make the folders from the inside of the app itself and many more frustrating things you can see with Mail App.

Worse Mail App

  1. OneDrive Still Not Working Properly

The new version of the OneDrive is left with many quirks still now. There are many things such as, drag and drop not working still you sign in.

The app even will not prompt you with a message to sign in while you try to drop in files.

One of the main problems is that, the folders are visible in the File Explorer which still remains.

Once you open the OneDrive folders in the File Explorer, you can’t open any other folder you want expect from Win10. To see those files that you have in OneDrive, you need to visit OneDrive site on the web which is a very difficult thing.

OneDrive Still Not Working Properly

  1. Forced Windows Updates Continues

Users will get the forced windows updates continuously which are frustrating.  Though users can use some tools to control or block the specific updates, it is not that better as it can’t give you control over updating your PC.

The process of blocking specific patches will be difficult for the normal users who are not in connection with the corporate network.

If you want to control the updates, you just have to contact the Microsoft support and they can help you.

Forced Windows Updates Continues

  1. Still the User Interface is Progressing

The User Interface is still being worked by the experts and it fails to be a complete design in Windows 10 OS. There has been discrepancy in the context menus.

There are different context menu styles such as in using the Start Menu, Microsoft Edge, and Task Bar etc.

As Microsoft offers various menu styles, windows apps also show the fragmentation of the user interface. The appearance of the menus changes among all the apps of the OS.

Still the User Interface is Progressing

  1. Media Center and DVD Player Missing

Many of the Windows 10 users’ wants Windows Media Center running on their PC. But, it is not going to happen in this OS.

Even if you try to upgrade the PC with windows media center, the Win10 installer will not allow you to do so.

Microsoft wants users to use Xbox instead. But, there are lots of options available and many users love to run WMC on their device.

Windows 10 also does not have the capability to play the DVDs which is really a bad thing.

Media Center and DVD Player Missing

  1. The Installer is Not Yet Ready

As Windows 10 is not yet ready completely, you will keep on getting notifications that your upgrade is not ready.

Microsoft have lots of requests to upgrade to Windows 10 which is opposite to what you will expect from it and those requests from Microsoft are not that satisfying for the first time.

Based on the hardware and software your PC uses, the Windows 10 will prompt you with bulk of requests.

The Installe is Not Yet Ready

  1. Many Issues with Built-In Windows Apps

In the new Windows 10 OS, everything is under the apps and if you want to uninstall them, you can’t just do it.

For example, if you are using Windows 10 OS and you are a PS4 user, the Xbox app for your OS is useless and which you can’t uninstall too. Some apps don’t feel like they have some features missing in them etc.

Issues with Built In Windows Apps

  1. Shut Down / Reboot Takes Long Time

It is a big issue for many users and not all. The Windows 10 OS takes more time to shut down as well as to reboot which is not with Windows 8.1.

Though you have high configuration PC with 16 GB RAM and Intel Core i7 processor, the Windows 10 takes minutes to shut down and reboot. Microsoft has to work on this issue. If issue solved then enjoy via watch dragon ball super english dub 2019.

Shut Down Reboot Takes Long Time

These are all the top positives and negatives about windows 10 OS every windows user should know. These are the major things and there are even more left down which are not much to think about.

Users can consider both good and bad things and it is finally their choice to should i upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7 or not.


We hoping now error fixed, If you are getting same issue or any other problem then you can comment below, We will answer your question shortly.


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