List of Facebook Users by Country Wise Top 10 ranking 2021

Facebook Users by Country 2021 or list of the highest users of Facebook by country wise in USA, Asia, in the words, If are you searching for highest users of Facebook by country then hope this list will help you to get latest updated list of high Facebook users countries 2021. You know daily millions users login in and enjoying free friends services,

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 Facebook Users by Country

Highest users of Facebook by country, Countries with most Facebook users 

Has mingled the world by countless media sites. From which Facebook is a standout amongst the most acclaimed social site which is being utilized by the a great many individuals around the globe.

Therefore, from the previous couple of years, the quantity of Facebook clients has expanded with an astonishing number. There is no nation on the planet which has not the occupants joined with this prominent social site.

List of Facebook Users by Country Wise Top ranking 2021

In the event that the world telecom offices are about, Then web goes ahead the highest priority on the rundown. present age web has turned into the most vital and helpful innovation b has various advantages from which social integration is at the top.

Is a standout amongst the most utilized person to person communication framework through which individuals can get in touch with one another effectively with Ben Abbott. In the absolute starting point, its getting to was constrained to the authors and Harvard college understudies.

Facebook users as of April 2021 (in millions)

Later it got much notoriety in the state and afterward dispatched authoritatively worldwide on the web accordingly came into the entrance of each distinctive individual.

Presently it is the number one free open sort informal communication framework which is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, United StatesIt is acquiring the most prominent measure of salary. In 2012, Its income was ascertained $5.1 Billion. It’s Alexa rank is 2. It is utilized in some particular countries, as well as it is utilized as a part of each nation of the world.

April 2019

Facebook users as of April 2019 (in millions)



1. India

At number 2 we have a nation of South Asia. India brings up the position with an aggregate Facebook client of roughly 62 million.

Male clients are more prevailing at this side, and in the event that we were judging by what pages they take most, they are excited about innovation and nerdy things. The greatest piece of the clients is over 18, so basically youthful grownups, and this is an example basic to all nations as such.

2. United Conditions of America

So who is at number one? Yes, I figure we didn’t leave much to the creative energy here; it’s the United Conditions of America. 67% of the aggregate 78% clients on are on Facebook as well.

The aggregate end clients Facebook from the States are around 160 million, and the age ranges from 18-34 are the most astounding! One additionally fascinating thing is Wal-Bazaar it at the highest point of the bands took after by Target and Amazon! American’s do shop a lot, right?

3. Brazil

It appears that the wonderful individuals of Brazil are additional -limited by Facebook, making them the 3rd in the “Main 10 nations with most Facebook clients in 2014″. Here the women and the honorable men, both take an equivalent support in the long range informal communication site, and the aggregate number of clients comes up to 68 million.

4. Indonesia

The number of inhabitants in the lovely archipelago of Indonesia is by all accounts somewhat dependent on Facebook. Coming in at the number in our rundown, 20% of the 22% of individuals who utilize the web here are on Facebook,

Which implies that very nearly everybody that can get to Facebook does. The slant of is a tiny bit higher than the inverse sex. In this dazzling find that Blackberry, Samsung and Yamaha Engines take the most elevated positions in the class of brands.

5. Mexico

Mexico is found in the center spot, with 38 million aggregate clients. Here, both sexes are likewise adjusted. Crown brew and Coca-Cola top the brand pages here; which demonstrates that the Mexicans are really genuine about beverages, and in the accompanying spots we discover PlayStation and Doritos. So… great gaming with coke and Doritos? Impeccable Combo!

6. Philippines

Simply like individuals around the globe can’t avoid the amazing islands of the Philippines, the locals can’t avoid Facebook. With 29 million clients, this nation is at number 8. The Filipino women lead the pack regarding the matter of Facebook utilization.

7. France

After Germany, we have France with 25 million clients devoted to Facebook. The top brands enjoyed, here are Coca-Cola, Nutella, M&M’s and Ferrero Rocher. It appears like the french individuals have a somewhat of a sweet tooth, yet they benefit have taste. Bravo!

Note = Now Vietnam

8. Germany

Our commencement starts with Germany at number ten in the rundown of nations with most Facebook clients. Around 22 Million of the aggregate clients exhibit on Facebook are from Germany and 65%-70% clients are in the age scope of 18-44.

Note = Now Thailand

9. Turkey

At number 7 in the rundown of main 10 nations with most Facebook clients in 2014, we have Turkey with 32 million clients offering their lives to one another on Facebook.

The proportion of sex-based use in this nation just about equivalent for both male and female. Youthful grownups structure the vast majority of the clients (18-35 years of age).

10. United Kingdom

In the UK around 53% of the web, clients are on the Facebook social stage! Amazing! Individuals here do know how to mingle well.

At the point when taking a gander at the top loved brands in the nation, we discover that, similar to their neighbors, the English additionally has a somewhat of a sweet tooth. From pretty nearly 33 million clients here, around 51% are the women.


So friends these Country list we hope you will enjoy, Above describe Country wise ranking list is really helpful to know which country have more Facebook users, So now we can understand Countries with top 10 Facebook Users by Country Wise.

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