Top 6+ Best Football Games for Android & iOS 2021 *Updated*

Playing soccer and having a good time with our friends is surely one of the best things to do which everyone will agree on. And for all football fans out there we will list out the top 10 best soccer games for your Smartphones.

We all enjoyed playing the game of soccer but with today’s generation, they hardly have any time to go out and enjoy playing football every time.

But one of the good things about the advancement of technology has provided facilities that will let people play their best soccer games on your Android & iOS devices. You can enjoy some of the best football gaming action right from your Smartphones or Tablets.

One of the few things that come to our mind when we generally say football games are PES or FIFA.

And it is actually quite legit when it comes to playing Soccer on PC, PSP or PS4. But if you are looking for a football game on your Smartphone or tablet on your Android or iOS device then you might actually have few good option to choose from.

Football Games for Android and iOS 2019

Find the Best football games for android & ios 2021 in the list that we have provided below.

Best Football Games | Soccer Games for Android & iOS 2021

Now the soccer game being so popular around the globe it has one of the biggest fan following for and sports. And mainly because of this there are thousands of football & soccer games for Android & iOS platform.

So for all the guys who are serious about playing the best football games?. I would suggest you pick your favorite football games that you will download and play on your Android & iOS devices.

We have listed out only those football games that we tried and feel that they were worthy to be on your bucket list of the best football games for smartphones.

  1. FIFA by EA Sports:

    FIFA by EA Sports android game 2019

Whenever we talk about Soccer games some of the things that come directly comes to our mind is FIFA. And you can be sure that FIFA delivers every time when it comes to football & soccer. And without a doubt, it surely deserves to be on our list of the Best Football games.

If you want to feel the most realistic football gaming experience on your Smartphone then the FIFA 17 by EA Sports is what you should look for. The FIFA franchise has been ruling the market of Soccer Gaming when it comes to PS4, PC, Xbox platforms.

With the new edition of the FIFA 16 Soccer, you will get to experience Mobile gaming to a whole new experience with the advanced graphics that the game comes with which lets its users play every Attack, Goal & Win with the help of a Console-like experience.

  • The FIFA 2016 Soccer Ultimate comes with many additional features which will be a treat for all the soccer fans out there.
  • It comes with features such as Skill Challenge, Builds.
  • Manage your Ultimate Team, Player Exchange & Real World Football.

So the FIFA 2016 Soccer will surely provide a very realistic gameplay for its users.

2. PES 2018- Pro Evolution Soccer:

PES is another game that will surely come to everyone mind when they talk about Soccer Video Games. It is another game that is quite popular as the FIFA among the gaming Comunity especially among the Soccer fans. Initially, the PES games were only available for PC Users.

Well, gone are those days as now you can download and play PES Soccer Games on your Smartphone or Tablets for free. It is available for both Android & iOS devices.

PES 2018- Pro Evolution Soccer android game 2019

One of the reason that I personally really love about the new edition PES 2018 is that the gameplay is quite smooth with Natural Player Movements, in-debt tactics, Precise Passing and much more which give the game a very realistic and real life experience.

  • The PES 2018 – Pro Evolution Soccer Comes with other great features such as Advance and
  • Classic Controls, Official Clubs to Play with, Build the Ultimate Playing Eleven.
  • The Official “UEFA Champions League” right on your SmartphonesTablets.

3. Dream League Soccer:

Dream League Soccer 2021 design by First Touch is another Football game for Android and iOS if you want some chilling gameplay experience.

The Dream League Soccer comes with many additions to its list of features that it brings but one of the main features that,

I really love is the Online Gameplay Mode of this game that allows the users to play with other Players Online with PvP format.

Dream League Soccer android and iOS game 2019

So with Dream League Soccer 2021, you are not competing with you alone but also the Whole world. The game offers a very realistic experience of building you dream team and conquering the whole world with your Ultimate football team.

  • Some of the other features of the Dream League Soccer 2021 are Realistic Gameplay,
  • Manage and Play your Dream Team, Authentic Players from FIFA,
  • Build your own stadium and much more.

As the Dream League Soccer 2021 is a free to play a game which means you can download & play the game on your Android & iOS device for free of cost.

4. Real Football:

If you want to experience the real feeling of playing soccer then there is no other Football game greater than the Real Football 2021. And the latest edition of the Real Football comes with a whole set of new features which you will really love.

One of the stands out feature of the Real Football 2021 has to be the 3D graphics that is the design of the Stadiums, Polish Shadows of the Players, textures and the audience in the stadium which surely gives a very realistic experience for all its users.Real Football android iOS game 2019

  • Some of the other main features that come with the Real Football 2021 are Multiple Camera Views,
  • Smart AI Players, Build your Dream Football team.
  • And also the World Arena where you can play the game in a Multiplayer Mode with PvP format.

So if you are searching for a good soccer game for your Android and iOS devices then the Real Football 2021 should surely be one of the must-have games on your bucket list.

5. Top Eleven 2018- Be A Soccer Manager:

If you want to Play the game of soccer as well as understand all the strategy behind the game then the Top Eleven 2021–

Be A Soccer Manager is just what you need to download on your Smartphone. You can join over more than 150 Million Players out there online and try to beat them all with you Ultimate Playing Eleven.

Top Eleven 2018- Be A Soccer Manager android game 2019

In this game, you will have to create your own Soccer team and create your own line-up of Players to beat the rest of them using your tactics and strategies in the gameplay and choosing your lineup.

  • Some of the main features of the Top 11 – Be A Soccer Manager are the Multiplayer feature,
  • Different Gameplay Modes, hundreds of different Players & Competitions to choose from.

The Top Eleven Soccer game will test your abilities with your strategies and tactics to the highest level and once you beat all your competition you will be the best in the Football World.

6. World Soccer League:

The World Soccer League is another really Popular Football game for Android & iOS with more than 10,000,000 downloads already from the Google Play Store App which allows its users to download this game of free of cost. One of the reason due to which the World Soccer League has become so popular among its users is because of the features that the game offers.

  • Some of the features of the World Soccer League are 4 different Modes of Gameplay including Cup, League, Exhibition.
  • Traning, a huge collection of Arena.
  • Teams to choose from more than 60 National Teams, 60 Clubs, & 2000 Players.
World Soccer League android game 2019

World Soccer League surely gives a very wide range of option to its Players to choose from. And you can download this game from Google Play Store right away.

So the above were some of the Top Best Football Games for Android and iOS device that you can download on your Smartphone or Tablets for Free.

Now if you have already tried some of the Football games that were listed above then Please let us know which one did you feel was the best. And if we have missed any of your favorite Football game for Android & iOS devices then Please let us know in the Comment Section below.


We hope that you loved our list above on the Best Football games. We keep updating our list with new games that we try out so please keep visiting and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter so that you will not miss out on any of our New stuff.

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