How To Know Does my Computer Have Bluetooth also laptop or Support


How To Know Whether Your Computer Or Laptop Have Bluetooth Support? Now You can find out with our new post on Does my Computer Have Bluetooth.

As we know that Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is used to transfer files and different formats of data from one device to the other. The technology establishes a connection between two devices and provides a way to transfer the files and data.

Most of the mobile platforms come with in-built Bluetooth. When it comes to PC platforms, not every model of PC comes with inbuilt Bluetooth support.

All the latest models of the laptops and PCs mostly come with the inbuilt Bluetooth support, but it is not the same case with the older versions of PCs and laptops.

The simple reason is that technology has not developed back then to incur the Bluetooth feature in them.

If you are looking for a way to know if your computer or Laptop has Bluetooth in it, then you can get the full details right from this article. Before going on deep, you can read DDR3 vs. DDR4 for the knowledge base.

does my computer have bluetooth

Bluetooth for Computer and Laptop

The devices identify with each other with the help of the name and will establish a connection by accepting the pairing. Though Bluetooth cannot be used to transfer huge files, it does come to work most of the time.

To receive Bluetooth single, the devices should not be more than 10 feet away from each other.

If your computer or Laptop has inbuilt Bluetooth, you can see a label on the bottom of the system with the tag ‘Bluetooth.’

You can also see a Bluetooth logo on it. If in case if it not there on the system/laptop or even in the list, then it means that it has not come in-built.

Which Bluetooth Versions Does Your Windows OS Support?

Many people kind of don’t know what version of Bluetooth their Windows OS supports.

It is not a big issue to deal with. One has to note that all Windows Server versions don’t have in-box support for Bluetooth wireless technology. There are numerous versions of Windows, and they support Bluetooth version 1.1 and higher.

Does my Computer Have Bluetooth also Laptop?

If you want to find out whether your PC has Bluetooth support, you need to check the Device Manager for Bluetooth Radio. Here are a few simple steps you need to follow to do so to identify Does my Computer Have Bluetooth.

Step – 1. Open the Control Panel.

Step – 2. A window will be opened. Click on Hardware and Sound, and then click Device Manager present under Devices and Printers.

Control Panel

Step -3. If you are a Windows Vista user, then click the Continue button or type the administrator’s password.

Step -4. You will see a list of items and find the item saying Bluetooth Radios in the list. If you find the item in the list, it means that your PC has Bluetooth hardware installed, which implies that the software has been set up as well.

Hardware Sound

Step -5. Close all the windows you opened. The Bluetooth software is powered by Windows and also by installation disc. After its successful setup, you can view the Bluetooth icon in the notification area.

In case, if you don’t find Bluetooth Radio at all in the list, then you will need to find a Bluetooth adapter in the ‘Network adapters’ category.

The network adapters contain the network card that users use to connect to wireless or wired networks.

Does Your Laptop have Bluetooth?

Almost all the latest versions of the laptops come with Bluetooth support. You can find the Bluetooth icon on the notification list down the screen.

The laptops should have a Bluetooth adapter in the first place to provide Bluetooth support. So, make sure your Laptop is having a built-in or an external Bluetooth dongle.

As we said earlier, if you don’t have a built-in one, then you can make use of Bluetooth Dongle.

By following the procedure above, you can whether you have your Laptop have Bluetooth adapter or not.

If you have Bluetooth installed on your Laptop, then you can easily find it in the form of Bluetooth icon in the taskbar or the Control Panel.

If you are not sure whether your Laptop has Bluetooth support, then as we said earlier,

You can find the Bluetooth icon that is present in the base of the Laptop in the keyboard area or click the start ORB and click Control Panel to go to Hardwar and Sounds where you can find the Bluetooth icon or option.

How to find whether your Laptop supports Bluetooth?

In case if your Laptop is older or you cannot find the Bluetooth directly on the screen and want to know whether it supports it or not, then you can follow the steps below.

Step -1. Open the Network and Sharing Center.

Adapter Settings

Step -2. A new window opens. On the left side of the panel, click on Change Adapter Settings.

Step – 3. It will take you to a new page where you can find the option of saying ‘Bluetooth Network Connection.’ If you see this option, you can relax as you have Bluetooth connectivity to your Laptop.

Network Sharing centre

Step -4. Down the Bluetooth Network Connection, you can see the option either Disabled or enabled.

In case if it is disabled, then make sure to enable it by right-clicking on it and then clicking on ‘Enable.’ This is automatically activated in your Bluetooth capabilities.

Bluetooth Network Connection

Step -5. If you don’t find any such option, go to Start Menu and type ‘Device Manager,’ and under the Network Adapters, find the option Bluetooth Device.

Step -6. This confirms that your Laptop has hardware capabilities of Bluetooth. It means that you lack the driver software.

So, right-click on it and click on Update Driver Software. This will make the Windows automatically download the driver for you.

Step -7. That’s it! The Bluetooth capability has been activated in your Laptop and is ready for connectivity.

These are the perfect ways to find out whether your computer or Laptop has Bluetooth support or not. I hope you get your work done with the solutions we have provided.


One has to know that to make the Bluetooth run on PC or laptop platforms, and it should have both hardware and software in the first place. The Bluetooth adapter is the one that supplies Bluetooth hardware.

In case, if your PC did not come with Bluetooth hardware installed, then you can quickly get it with the help of Bluetooth USB dongle.

How now Does my Computer Have Bluetooth query is cleared? If your friend or any searching about how to know that my Laptop, Computer Have Bluetooth then please suggest this post.


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