DDR3 vs DDR4 ram performance Review with difference


In the Previous post on DVI Vs. HDMI hope you will enjoy now we are again with a new topic. DDR Double Data Rate is, which is a memory classified circuit under the synchronization of dynamic random access.

This is the type of SD-RAM memory, which is a component under the assembling devices of a standard computer.

Are you looking for ddr3 vs. ddr4 ram review don’t worry here you can get complete about what’s the difference between ddr3 and ddr4 in 2017.

As you know that DDR is a classification of RAM accomplished as a part of computer components.

This is an integrated component that was mingled with the circle of a windows device. SD RAM DDR is also called DDR1, and it even supposed to get the classification various further steps about ddr3 vs. ddr4 performance.

  ddr3 vs ddr4 Ram

1. DDR3 Features and operation:

If we need to know about ddr3 vs. ddr4 performance, then first, we should know about their features.

As compared to advanced DDR, DDR3 gets slow with negative affection due to advanced features, and technology update will take place in DDR4.

The total usage by the computer users will get reduced once the updated version of DDR named DDR4 will come to existence. Before initiating the services of DDR4, all the users are supposed to go for DDR3 only as first preference.

From 2016, DDR operations get implemented in various mini and macro devices called smartphones, tablets, computers, and various other components.

Double Data Rate3 is a 4GB memory-based component, which has predecessor of DDR2 and successor of DDR4. The conclusion leads to the pre-advanced feature of DDR2 comes as DDR3, and the advanced step of DDR3 comes as DDR4 with a successful installation.

DDR 3 is a specified interface that will lead to making the communication along with a bunch number of components.

DDR capability is to transfer the data two times with top rating, and the speed of DDR3 will be eight times better than internal memory components, which are mingled under the device called Personal Computer.

ddr3 features


  • DDR3 functionality requires less power compared to other previous version components of DDR3.
  • To work well and perfect, a 1.5v supply of voltage will be mandatory to get fabrication with the technology effect.
  • There is no disturbance in buffering, which was enabled to promote the speed with limited accessibility.
  • DDR3 installed components can transfer the data with a minimum rate of 800MT/S to 2100 MT/S with falling and rising edge appearance.
  • There is no accomplishment of the signal cycle while undergoing with functionality processor.

For a single Double data rate devices, the power consumption will be assigned with considering various factors such as speed, voltage, power need, quality of usage, etc., It was more significant to use with fast pace dispatching the task functionality.

It represents the DDR3 data transfer rate and will explore the bandwidth with multiple calculation appearance.

Total Data transfer will be capable of transferring at a time will be 64 Data bits. The data rate is defined as the twice to Input-output bus clock by the double data rate of memory storage.

These are ultra-low voltage standard which consumes 1.25volts, and the module label will be PC3U.

2. DDR4 SD RAM Review:

Same above DDR4 SD RAM Review can help us to get ride of ddr3 vs. ddr4 performance.

This will get considered under the graphical section, which will be described as a Double data rate for fourth-generation dynamic random memory, which is synchronous.

This is a type of SDRAM that can preserve high bandwidth and double data interference.

As per the analysis done in 2014, the updated differentiation of DRAM will be significantly operating in computer networks from 1970.

There will be high-speed successor included, and the advanced technology updated in DDR3 has been undergone through interference factors.

ddr4 ram


  • The primary advanced functionality will be high module density with low power consumption.
  • DDR4 is mingled with high range data usage and access at high speed.
  • It can access the memory status up to 512GB as the maximum capacity and the 128GB for general usage.
  • DDR4 can operate in between 1.2v to 1.4 V along with higher frequencies.
  • The accessing speed will get minimized automatically with an advertising structure and requires up to 1.5v and 1.65v as a maximum range.

DDR4 has been delivered into the market with Q2 2014 and keeps concentrated on focusing ECC memory and non-ECC Modules, which will correspond to the availability under Q3 of the 2014 academic year.

The official installation launch of the E processor will require DDR4 memory. As comparing the operation of DDR3, DDR4 works with low voltage and low power usages such as 1.05V and 1.35 V to get operate.

The basic standard of DDR4 publication has been started from 2007 and now keep placed under guest speaker position from providing the public feature presentation.

In 2008, the Developer team was described the Drive functionality as including the appearance of a 30nm process with 1.2 volts and a frequency level of 2133MT/S, such as the necessary speed of 3200MT/S.

It can be operated with a limited speed, as mentioned above, which is called as enthusiast speed by reaching the market standards to place at the top level.

In further years, DDR 4 generated name will be under variation of different types with dynamic RAM, which can get synchronize with the accessibility of clock speed and the microprocessor installation, which tends to raise the instructions of the processor with perfect performance level.

The basic attached specification for DDR will be SD RAM, and the complete functionality of DDR4 will get on the installed components used in SD-RAM of DDR3 or DDR 4.

For each updated version f DDR, SDRAM will get included to make the operation good at all considerations.

DDR3 vs. DDR4

DDR successors are changed with various configurations and changed their names as DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4. In further days, DDR will get updated with DDR and some other additional names.

Usually, DDR SD-RAM had been started initiating on every computer from 2000 and get successful in 2003. DDR gets forwarded by DDR1, DDR2, and then superseded by DDR3, DDR4.

ddr3 vs ddr4

1. Operation:

SD RAM is the generic name specified with the dynamic speed that can access Random proper technology. The clock speed will get coincident with the speed of DDR4 functionality.

Users can get connect the Data with clock speed and then make the classification of chip speed with 1 billion per one second.

To get an example, 83MHz RAM will be get equalized to 12 Nanoseconds. The complete historical structure of SDRAM, which concerns DDR4 will take the return of reaching the market standards.

The essential penetration in market standards will get delayed under the expected range with majority consideration. It is an 8GB DDR4-2133 ECC 1.2V consuming RDIMM device which gets functioning under the personal of formal computers.

2. Modules Includes:

The presence of DDR will be mandatory in each device to get accessed with a high-speed network and capability.

The predecessor version of DDR4 will be DDR3, and the successor version of DDR4 will be named SDRAM DDR5. The perfect gaming DDR components will get initiated under higher operating technology with fixed accessibility.

Under the DDR4 module classification, various standard names have been derived, such as configured with 1600J, 1600K, 1600L, 1866L,1866M,1866N, and up to 2400U and the differentiation of memory clock will range from 200Mhz to 300 Mhz.

The input-output bus clock will rise up from 800 Mhz to 1200Mhz. The data rate will start using from 1600 MT/S to 2400 MT/S. After the DDR 4 module consideration, the fixed name will be treated with perfect initiation from PC4 to PC4 19200MT/S.

The required peak transfer rate will get starts from 12800 to 19200MB/S. CAS latency technology will grow higher from 12.5 ns to 15 ns with the increasing line.

In 2016, the Intel developers team was concentrated on make the raise up technology under the DDR section, and then the further updated version of DDR4 will get arranged as DDR5 SDRAM, which will get discussed at a time with greater accessibility.

The specifications and functionality features will get finalized until the end of 2016 years and officially releasing the technology will be under progression with the same appearance as DDR4.

Another memory status will get filled with the replacing the processor of DDR4 with neat propagation.

In 2011, the publication standards allowed the input-output returns to many memory cut off. As direct interaction of CPU will get a similar layout structure as possessed with high bandwidth and reasonable power consumption.

It can access the length with a short-range and targeted to replace the DDR in further tension with SDRAM standards.

3. Design Specifications:

  • It is a Microtechnology gets specified with key points accessibility of IC and PCB Structure.
  • This processor will get VrefDq Calibration by using controller performance.

The latest addressed scheme for DDR 4 will be considered as ACT to RAS, CAS to WE, Bank grouping, WE command, DBI Data check out, and bus inversion under updated schemes.

The additional power-saving nature will be under the best feature as low power usage, refreshing the temperature control, auto refreshment with self consideration, data bus inversion with granular increment with refreshing order.

New supplement under power usage will be at the level of 1.2v with outward boosting, which is known as VPP and operated at 1.2 volts in power consumption status.

The Power consumption feature will be supplied with the internal specification with a high external supplement from the board of power socket.

Pins get terminated with internal accessibility and get open with the drain of input-output differentiation.

The module packaging will be under processing, and the features have been specified as given below. DDR4 memory component can supply 288 pins with dual memory module accessibility, and the equivalent size will be ranging from 240 pin DIMM.

And the attached pins will get the gap intension of the closing period, which can get fit by the increment of standard DIMM length accommodation.

The dual memory capability will get differ slightly to make the router signifies easily with proper thickness ranging the increment from 1.2mm from raising order of 1.0 mm.

DDR 4 can get a module with a slight curve difference in edge connector, which has designed with signal router capability.

But pins will not get engaged at all the time during module implementation with low force insertion.

The internal design will get packed with the name of Uni DIMM, which will get popularized along with DDR2 and DDR3.

Then after comes to the technology usage of DDR5, and it can get accomplishment by the edge connector.

4. Generation technology

For widespread consideration, either data chips will get integrated with memory control, and CPU will get announced to get the capability under the working condition as a type of memory.

The referred and further preference period of data read will be stated as a title functions DDR5 which will be the successor version of DDR4.

The 5th generation technology will get designed with DDR Memory status, and the latest updated features will get included in the module. SGRAM is another type of RAM that has been synchronized with the graphic kind of DDR3 and the introducing period of the successor of DDR4.

The clock cycle will be preserved between row and activate status. The tRCD clock cycle will be activated between the active range and read or write limitation.

As the technology gets updated, the modular functionality gets accessed with neat design and perfect features.

The more significant functional usage will take part under the proper updating of the period of limitation. Usually, DDR module will get with a high-frequency module structured with 1600MHz usage.

It has a flat edge connection under the bottom level with a prototype at the module section with proper intension capability with lowering the force insertion.

5. Updated

As for longer-term exportations, nonvolatile RAM will get accomplished with latest updated technology.

Under processing the development of the insertion period, speculate phase change in memory will be restricted with random access memory functionality.

Make a wish for further preferred technology and be the one to choose the section with latest features. The successor version of DDR SDRAM will be placed at perfect range that could be starts initiation from secular expectations.

6. High resistance

As corresponding order, the predecessor and successor session will get updated with resistive accessing memory usage and the magneto resistive successor replacement of channels will be greater to initiate the request.

High resistance capacity will be computed with the target placed a serial port order with parallel port replacement.

Sub initiation of RAM specifications will get classified as PCM, RRAM, and MRAM that could be included with DR 4 SDRAM Memory, which receives the successor version of DDR5 in a further generation.

DDR5 SDRAM is Coming

This next revision of DDR memory will bring the expected increase in the rate at 4800 MHz as the typical frequency — in comparison to DDR4’s 2400MHz.

DDR5 also will come with decreases in power consumption at 1.1 volts. On the other hand, the big draw is precisely how many capacity manufacturers should be able to squeeze onto a single chip.

DDR5 SDRAM is Coming

This is because the packaging that memory in such a small space makes it more challenging to keep things stable. Stability issues may be brought on by complex interactions, which sometimes happen among atoms.


Guys hope you will like this ddr3 vs. ddr4 performance post; Now we are sure that what is the difference between ddr3 and ddr4 now fully cleared. If you have any questions regards 16gb ddr4 ram anything else, please tell us via comments.


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