6 Method to Fix Confirm Form Resubmission Chrome Error


Goggle Chrome is the fastest browser we have till date. But also giving confirm form resubmission types errors. As we know that it has set new records with its ultimate features. It has tons of loyal users who operate on it every single day. There are different reasons why people use the browser.

Most of the students and job pursuers use the Chrome browser for submitting online applications. With the technological advancements, everything has come handy. We no longer need to visit the college or the concerned office to submit application for whatever reason it is.

We can simply sit before our system that has good internet connection and submit the application form online in almost no time. There is no need to run from pillar to post to submit the application forms anymore as the online system has made it quite handy. Even in last minute, we can submit the applications through online.

While using the Chrome browser to fill online applications, you may come across an error ‘ERR_CACHE_MISS’ with a message that reads ‘confirm form resubmission’. You could also read a big message saying ‘The webpage requires data that you entered earlier in order to be properly displayed.

You can send this data again, but by doing so you will repeat nay action this page previously performed.’ If you are wondering why this error occurs and what could be the possible causes of this error, then read on to find out.

Usually, this error pops up while browsing a website to submit online applications. The error could be caused because of various different reasons. The error could be a result of changes in configurations, settings, extensions, cache etc of the Google Chrome browser.

      Confirm Form Resubmission

Confirm Form Resubmission

Though it is pretty easy and time saving to submit application forms online, there are few issues associated with it. The issues here are nothing but the errors that pop up while submitting the forms.

The most common error that pops up while submitting the form online is ‘Confirm Form Resubmission’. This error can also occur due to a simple reason i.e., a fluctuation internet connection at the time of form submission.

Sometimes, when you fill in the form with your details and submit it, but it wasn’t successful, then you will end up reloading the page or going back to the previous page and that is when the error occurs.

If the error occurs in Chrome browser, then you can easily address it by following some certified fixes. So, if you have ever faced this confirm form resubmission error and suffered a great deal dealing with it, all we would say is your suffering is over.

You can now address the error instantly with the help of the methods that we are going to introduce you in this article. Give the article a read!

The reasons why Confirm Form Resubmission Error Occurs

There are not just one, but many reasons for the Confirm Form Resubmission error to occur. The most common reasons could be due to bad internet connection, browser problem, or if the webpage is loading slow.

Most of the times, the error occurs when you choose to reload or return back to previous page after submitting the form. Today, we will be discussing about the effective fixes to address the error asap.

There are many solutions, but not every solution is workable, only few will yield desired results. So, let us take a quick look into the workable fixes to this error.

We ourselves checked each and every fix to solve the error and only then we are writing this article. You will most likely solve the errors on the first attempt itself. One has to keep in mind that if one fix do not work, the other one needs to be tried.

The fix works depending on the reason why the error occurred. So, once you know why the error occurred, you can apply a proper fix to address the error.

You need not have technical expertise in order to use these fixes to address the errors. Just simple follow the steps who have provided below to get rid of the error.

How to fix confirm form Resubmission error on Chrome?

There are some tried and tested ways to fix the Confirm form Resubmission error on Chrome. Only Chrome users face this error and these fixes are specially meant for the browser. By using this fixes, you can not only fix the error for this very moment, but also for the future. You can get long time relief from the error by using these fixes. Check out the fixes!

1. Check your Browser

As the browser is the one that has showed the form resubmission error, you need to first check it. Check if your browser is perfectly working or not. To do so, launch the Chrome browser and surf the internet for a while. If you have experienced no issues while using the internet, then the issue is not with the browser. You can go for the next fix.

Check your Browser

2. Check your internet connection

This could possibly be the common problem for the error to occur. If you encounter this error after you have submitted an online application or something like that, make sure to first check your internet connection.

Sometimes, you may get this error due to the interrupted internet connection. Also, if your internet connection is slow, you may get this error. When you are set to fill a form, make sure the internet connection is good and its speed is not fluctuating.

If the form you are submitting is of utmost importance, then instead of submitting it, go open a webpage that has lots of reloading. If the page opens with no issues, it means that the internet connection is perfect to submit the form. Go to the form submission page and hit on submit to submit the form online.

Check your internet connection

3. Change the Properties of Chrome

If you still see the error, then follow this method to solve it. This method is so effective and you might get the error fixed after using it.

  • To start, right click on the Chrome browser and click on Properties option in the list of options displayed.
  • You will see a new Properties window in which you can see Target option. In the target folder enter “-disable-prompt-on-repost” after the root extension.
  • For instance, if the target has “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” in it, then you will need to add in. “-disable-prompt-on-repost”
  • after the root way which will look like
  • “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe-disable-prompt-on-repost”.

Change the Properties of Chrome

4. Check browser extensions

You can also fix the confirm form resubmission error by checking the browser extensions. Some extensions could result in browser issues and thereby in the error ‘ERR_CACHE_MISS. So, if you have ever faced this resubmission error, go to the roots of the browse extensions and solve them.

  • Open Chrome and click on Control Menu.
  • Chose More Tools and go to Extensions.
  • You will get to see a list of extensions of the browser.

Check browser extensions

  • You can test each and every extension in the list by disabling and enabling them to check which extension is causing the error.

The most common extensions that could raise this error are toolbars and blocking tools. Disable and see if the error is fixed.

5. Rest Network Settings

Sometimes the network is to be blamed for the occurrence of the confirm form resubmission error. You need to reset the network settings in order to avoid the error.

  • Open Command Prompt.
  • Input cmd in the specified slot.
  • Right click on the command prompt and select Run as administrator option.

Rest Network Settings

  • In the command prompt window, enter the below mentioned lines.

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /all

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

netsh int ip set dns

netsh winsock reset

Once you enter all the stuff, reboot your PC. After rebooting, open the browser and see if the error got fixed.

6. Clearing Cache

Cache could also be the culprit behind the confirm form resubmission error. You can get rid of the error by clearing the cache. We have listed some simple steps on how to solve clear the cache so as to fix the form resubmission error. Take a look!

  • First, launch the browser and go to the three dots in a row menu on the right top corner of the page.
  • Click on History in the menu, which will showcase you the list of the pages you have visited since the start of time.
  • You can also use keyboard shortcut to go to history i.e., Ctrl+H.
  • In the history, click on ‘Clear Browsing Data’ option and check the stuff you want to clear from the history and click on enter.

Clearing Cache

  • The cache will be cleared as the history gets deleted.

By following the steps as it is, you will likely get rid of the error and can again use Chrome Browser happily without any errors. After clearing the cache, you can simply submit the form and it will be submitted successfully instantly.

Final Verdict

These are some functional ways to fix Confirm Form Resubmission error in Chrome browser. You can follow any of the ways we have mentioned above to solve the form resubmission error.

If you don’t find one fix useful, then use another fix to solve the error. Not every fix will result in error fixing.

So, give a try to each and every fix we have mentioned above and see if the error still appears. If you find our article on how to fix confirm form resubmission error helpful, then make sure to leave us a comment below. We await your feedback.


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