How to compress a video Reduce video size for Whatsapp Facebook


How to compress a video File for Whatsapp or How to compress a video online without Losing Quality for  Facebook and with the best software and also How to Make Video Size Smaller For Whatsapp without Losing Quality guide now we are sharing with you.

As we know social sites and Whatsapp both are nowadays most using so often people sharing their videos on their profile, But android phone making more larger size, its too difficult upload. As epochs have altered so has the Internet.

Now with amplified speeds persons are choosing in for additional features of video quality. People wait for to observe High definition content on the Internet and its pretenses a difficulty for the content producers and inventors.

This is since of the piece of information that with developments in video capturing knowledge’s file sizes have disappeared through the roof.

Possible to Reduce video?

Most of people asking on forums and social media that how to compress video files without losing quality? Yes now you can reduce video size without lossing quality, It will possbile with many ways :-

  • Apps
  • Software
  • Photoshop
  • Online Tools
  • Video converter
  • Video compressor software

Here we are sharing all method so you can choose one of the best which can followed by you easily.

compress a video File Make Smaller For Whatsapp

How to Make Video Size Smaller For Whatsapp Facebook without Losing Quality

A quality 720p flash in rare formats gets over more than 2 GB of space. So what’s the answer to keep hold of video quality and at the similar time decrease size?

Well, the result is to employ such programming technologies which are lossless or lossy to a degree where the human eye can’t discover many dissimilarities in the flash.

One of the habits to condense such great files is to employ the user know as “Handbrake”. So let’s begin today’s we show on how to compress large video records without trailing quality using Handbrake.

compress a video File Make small

Understanding the fundamentals of Video compression

Clip firmness essentials efforts on the detail that human eyes can’t observe many dissimilarities in conditions of colors as a great deal as they can see dissimilarity in terms of clarity. So comparable seeming colors are exchanged for one frequent looking substitute.

This is now one constituent. Apart from this, the border rates are abridged to a naked smallest amount of 15 FPS or so in command to uphold able to be seen worth but lose some additional information from the folder.

  • The coffer in which the Clip file is reserved also creates a set of dissimilarity in size.
  • Containers like .mov or uncompressed .mp4 are actually vast.
  • But mp4 prearranged using H.264 Clip programming technologies can be actually optimized to a lesser size without much defeat in apparent excellence.
  • So let’s talk more about on how to compress a video and way of video compression.

Compress mp4 video to smaller size online Free

Constrict huge video files without losing quality using Handbrake in online Huge video files are sluggish to upload and download. One of the mainly well-liked tools that can considerably get smaller the file size without down quality is Handbrake. It is well-liked due to three causes:

  1. It can exchange video from almost any format, e.g. .wmv, .avi, .m4v, .mov, etc
  2. It is free and Open basis
  3. It mechanism workings on Windows, Mac, and Linux

This article demonstrates how to reduce a video file for the web on a Windows machine. The example file I use to compress was called WL-Video.wmv and its innovative extent was 39.0 MB. After looseness, the file size was down to 4.40 MB.

The condensed Clip arrangement is MP4 as it is the mainly maintained Clip format on the web. Depending on your unique video file, following the directions in the tutorial, the file size may still be abridged if your video file is previously MP4 format. how to compress a video on mac? lets floow me :-

  1. Download and put in Handbrake if you do not contain it
  2. Download Handbrake at
  3. Double-click the downloaded file to install Handbrake by subsequent the directions on the screen.
  4. Launch Handbrake. Do not be put off by all the switches and alternatives obtainable –
  5. You typically only require using a little of them.
  6. Click Source – Open File to choose the video you desire to reduce. You can see the original size was 39MB.

· In Handbrake, under objective you can make a decision where the condensed file is put aside by clicking Browse. By default, it is saved in the similar folder where the innovative file is. You can alter to other position is essential. You are required to offer a name for the compressed file. You can compress mov also.

  • For Output Settings, decide Mp4 if it is not particular and choose Web Optimized
  • Click on Video and create sure that H.264(X264) is chosen
  • Click begins to condense the Clip.
  • The green begin button will turn into red Stop button awaiting the compression is absolute.

How to Make an Image lesser Without Losing Quality?

The explanation is to recompense for every engorged pixel so that it equivalents the belongings of its adjacent pixel. This means is called Fractal Interpolation or simply Fractals. It creates a great deal improved effect when a picture is distended using this method.

Here is how to use this method in most common image editing software.

Using wonderful Resize with Adobe Photoshop

Perfect Resize is software that permits you to resize your images elegantly. It is obtainable as impartial software as well as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop.

The usual account costs $50 and the finest version which holds plugin for Adobe Photoshop costs $150. Both editions are also accessible for a gratis 30-day trial. If you resize imagery on a normal basis, then we advocate you to go for Perfect Resize. It is costly, but it is the finest way to make bigger images.

  1. After setting up the software, unlock the image file you desire to resize in Photoshop.
  2. Basically, go to File » Automate and choose Perfect Resize.
  3. This will release the image in Perfect Size submission.
  4. You can decide a set from the left-hand list of options or go into your own size in Document Size.
  5. After incoming the document size, you require going to File »
  6. Apply to keep your alters and be relevant them to the file in Photoshop.
  7. Now you can export this file by saving it as a web image.
  8. That’s all, your resized image will appear much improved now that the standard resize.

Convert Video to Smaller Size without Losing Quality

The very primary mission is to choose a high-quality video size compressor. Here we employ MacX Video Converter Pro, a quick and premium file size compressor.

This video file size reducer can with no trouble decrease the clips to smaller size by condensing HD 1080P/4K UHD huge gap video to low-space arrangements like WMV, FLV, AVI, 3GP, MP4 etc. filled with superior editing types,

It will additionally get smaller video file size by regulating the limitation settings or neat pointless parts for sharing on YouTube or playing on a variety of devices. The hyper-threading knowledge, multi-core CPU, and Intel QSV hardware quickening tech will assurance a video size reduction process with world’s best ever hustle.

Step 1: Free of charge download this extent reducer on Mac or Windows processor release it and score “include File” to set the video files you desire to compress.

Step 2: Choose a smaller-size format as the output arrangement (H.264 in MP4 format is extremely optional) and regulate the Clip settings i.e., bitrate, declaration, codec, Sampling rate etc, cut the needless parts or tear the Clip into shorter parts etc to additional decrease the folder size.

Step 3: Click the production file you desire to put aside the output Clip by clicking “Browse” key.

Step 4: After you come to an end the on top of steps, clack the “RUN” knob to begin to decrease video size without losing quality. The entire file size density job will be done within simply minutes.

How to make a PDF smaller without losing quality?

PDF files can seem huge, particularly when laden with plenty of filled color graphics. Along with that immense appear, though, can approach swollen file sizes that can strangle even the hardiest email check. When that occurs, you can employ a diversity of process to decrease the coverage of your PDF folder.

How to compress a video File Using a PDF Converter Program

No.1 – Download a PDF exchange program. One of the mainly well-liked alternatives is PrimoPDF, which is obtainable for gratis from the developer’s website. This program can make PDF files, but can also get smaller active PDF files. PrimoPDF installs a PDF printer on your scheme that permits the program to make PDF files in its place of printing to an objective printer.

No.2 – Release your PDF in any PDF reader. Click the “File” catalog of alternatives, and then decide “Print”. In the printer assortment menu, pick PrimoPDF as your printing device.

No.3 – Tick the “Properties” knob. Depending on your PDF software, you will observe diverse alternatives, but all have to permit you to decide the eminence that you desire to make the new file with.

No.4 – Put aside the folder to your wanted site. When you are content with your settings clack the Print button.

Reduce video size without losing quality free download

As freshly as 10 years before, computer hard drives had the capability of 20 GB or even less. Now, hard drives can grasp quite a few terabytes of information but quantity of statistics we store up on our computers is also mounting all the time. For instance, a lot of cinemas nowadays are obtainable in high quality and at Full HD motion.

These videos get up a group of hard drive space, and if you desire to amass your video compilation on your PC or Mac, still if you have a large hard drive, you actually require cutting back your flash. And if you desire to observe your preferred movies on a tablet or Smartphone, video size decrease is completely necessary.

By using Free Video Compressor we can reduce the size of video

Free Video Compressor can decrease the extent of video files with negligible excellence loss. This gratis and accessible service grips mainly formats. You can put estimated size aims for compacted files and identify audio excellence stages to avert deformation.

Free Video Compressor is gratis and frivolous compression software for video files, it can assist you to with no trouble squeeze files and put aside your PC disk space. This software can work with a lot of well-liked different formats.

Reduce video size without losing quality android

These days, mainly smartphones are capable to imprison elevated quality, which is frequently big in size. Due to their great size, sharing such lofty quality clips on social media becomes an important trouble, as it engages a group of occasion and bandwidth.

Also, WhatsApp and a lot of other social media sharing forces typically have a size restraint for uploading files. Apart from sharing, require of the obtainable gap is also another difficulty, as mobile devices frequently have significantly less storage space.

Compress videos on Android

There are a number of apps obtainable on Google Play that allows users to condense clips on Android devices, and Video Converter Android is one of them. It is obtainable as a free download from Google Play Store,

But encloses best features that can be not closed by upgrading to the waged version. The following steps will direct you to condense and split video on your Android, using Video Converter Android. How to compress a video on android? lest try

1# Download and set up Video Converter Android from Google Play.

2# Start on the app and surf for the video you desire to share (Browse tab). Knock on the checkbox after that to the file.

3#  Go to the change tab and want the appropriate profile. For the finest compression results, decide Reduce Size choice (Pro only feature).

4#  In the Profile alternatives, put the Target size for your video (if you desire to share on WhatsApp, target size have to be put to fewer than 16 MB).

5#  Knock on the Start button and stay for the process to conclude. The compression course will make a copy of the unique size lock to the mark size.

6#  Now split the transformed video on your favored social media.

How to compress a video on iPhone Smartphone

Apple offers a resident compression method for iOS developers that allow the lofty degree of size lessening. While some third-party apps on the App Store may employ their procedure video compression techniques, many apps employ the inhabitant compression means to condense videos.

Video Compressor is one such app for compressing videos from Camera Roll file. The app rent you to decide between HD (720p), VGA and Low-Quality compression modes, depending on the obligation. Here is how to employ Video Compressor on iOS.

  1. Download and install Video Compressor from the App Store.
  2. Open the app and choose the video that you desire to squeeze.
  3. Decide the favored quality for adaptation.

Note that video change can happen only from a higher to a lower quality.

Let the compression procedure complete. Depending on the unique file size and worth of conversion, you might be capable to decrease up to 90% of the file size.

The above app is helpful for compressing video depending on quality, but it can’t decide the size of the production file before it has been shaped. When the folder size is an additional significant factor, Video Compressor (dissimilar app) assists you to condense video by important the objective file size. Here are the steps to compress video by folder extent on iOS.

  1. Download and set up Video Compressor from the App Store.
  2. Open the app and choose the video that you wish for to condense.
  3. Using the slider at the base put the objective file size.
  4. For attainment, the smallest amount probable size, haul the slider to the severe left.
  5. Finally, knock on Save to put aside a compacted duplicate of the video.

If the smallest amount objective size for an exacting video goes beyond the necessary target density that you desire to use (for instance, 16 MB for sharing on WhatsApp), you can crack the video into manifold fractions in Camera Roll.

how to compress a video for email

If you want send any video though email then you can try any one from above, I personally recomending you use video converter method because it will convert your file with different type, Then your video will reduce very well. It will help you in email marketing too, Because email marketing video or flash files need very shorten and easy to download,


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