How to Fix BOOTMGR is missing in windows 10, 7, 8.1, Vista


Once again we are sharing the new post on How to Fix BOOTMGR is missing in Windows 10. You can use this tutorial for other windows like 7, 8,8.1, Vista too.

BootMGR described as the sequence of windows manager initially implemented in Microsoft Vista, and it has been replaced the old version of windows with NTLDR boot manager. It is the measure of making the configuration with data and can make the appearance of the operating system from selection mode.

It is the small piece of component considered as software, and this is named as boot manager. It can deliver from volume boot code which is a section of volume boot record which can help the windows 7,8,10 and windows vista system.

While the computer device was showing the headline as BOOTMGR missing which is calculated as an error to be defined as Fixing BOOTMGR error in Windows operating system.

If the problem is not related to the hardware component, then it will be related to erasing the long-term specification while the user has DVD supported to windows. Sometimes it is essential to turn off windows boot manager under fixing the error of BootMGR.

Follow below points which can be helpful to know the process of turning off the boot manager in Windows. Lets follow to fix How do I fix Bootmgr is missing? with easy steps.

bootmgr is missing

The process to switch off Boot Manager:

  • Write MSConfig in the search box.
  • Make ion selecting msconfig.exe from obtained search results.


  • Then click on Yes which will help to access the program to run the system.
  • Pick out the preferred operating system from the list out systems.
  • Click on set as default and Make I OK.
  • Then save the changes instantly.
  • Now exit the system portal and make the configuration in windows.

When a user id was trying to on the computer, then they may receive following error concerned to BOOT MGR, and the reason can appear by entering Ctrl plus Alt plus Del then after the system will get reset.

You should reboot the system, before initiating the booting process of a CD or DVD. These CD’s and DVD’s booting will be called as boot devices.

BOOTMGR is missing?

What does Bootmgr missing mean? By inserting the windows 7or windows vista CD for installation, and drive the CD and after finishing the process make a start of your computer. Now press any one key to boot the system from DVD or CD look over.

Click on enter then the page appeared with the various option such as language selection, currency format, and keyboard input method. For those options, preferred language as English and format as English united states and input method as the US.

So this detailed and operating system is going to process the channel and will run the operating system in computers. Don’t choose to Install now restart the system and by restarting the device, the functionality will get run and fix the error’s and then select next.

In each page of system recovery option choose the setting as default availability and go with the start up repair which is the first choice in recovery tools.

How to Fix “BOOTMGR is Missing” Errors?

Usually, we come across the ‘BOOTMGR is missing’ error on your PC. If there are any corrupted files on your PC then, you will get this error most often. People will find this error on their Windows PC most often.

In this post, we have come up with a detailed guide or tutorial that helps people to fix ‘BOOTMGR is missing’ error. You can find out the reasons for this failure and the solutions so as to correct this mistake. Check it out!

Errors that appear on your PC

There are different modes wherein you can see this “BOOTMGR is missing” error on your PC or Computer. Most commonly, you can see the error in this way:

“BOOTMGR is missing

Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart”

BOOTMGR is Missing Errors

“BOOTMGR is missing

Press any key to restart”

“Couldn’t find BOOTMGR”

Whenever you turn on your PC, you can see this error that displays on the screen. After the completion of Power on Self Test (POST) test, you will come across this error.

What causes Bootmgr missing?

There are bounteous reasons or causes behind the occurrence of this BOORMGR error. It includes the error that says “BOOTMGR is missing” error message. Some of the reasons include:

  • When you find corrupted or misconfigured files on your PC
  • Issues related to hard drive and Operating System Upgrade
  • Corrupted Hard Drive Sectors
  • Invalid BIOS
  • Loose Hard Drive Interface Cables
  • You may see this error if your computer tries to boot from a hard drive or flash drive. It means if the device is seeking to boot from a non-bootable source.

How to Fix ‘BOOTMGR is Missing’ Errors?

If in case, if you are pretty much interested in solving this BOOTMGR error all by yourself then you can do it using the troubleshooting. If you are unable to fix the ‘BOOTMGR is missing’ error then, you need to check out the detailed step by step tutorial provided below in this post. Here are some of the simple steps that help the users to fix ‘BOOTMGR is Missing’ Errors on your PC or Computer:

  1. First of all, you need to restart your PC.
  2. The BOOTMGR error could be a stroke of luck.
  3. To get media, you need to check out some of your storage sources such as USB ports, Floppy Drives, Optical Drives and other sources.
  4. The “BOOTMGR is missing” error appears on the screen if your computer attempts to boot to an external drive, floppy disk or a non-bootable disc.

Note: If this is the root cause of this error, you need to alter the boot order in BIOS. The hard drive lists as the initial boot device.

  • You need to check out the sequence of the boot in BIOS and ensure that the precise hard drive listed. You can see these BOOTMGR errors if in a case of the wrong drive listed on the device.
  • You have to re-establish all internal data as well as the power cables.
  • Even if the control cables or other malfunctioning power cables have loose or unplugged connections, you will come across this BOOTMGR error message.
  • If you find any faulty cable, you need to replace them with PATA or SATA cable.

BOOTMGR is Missing Errors step 1

  • If you still find this error appearing on the screen, you need to make a start-up repair of Windows. By performing this installation, it will replace all the corrupted and other missing files.

BOOTMGR is Missing Errors fixed

  • If this solution doesn’t work, you can troubleshoot your device.
  • To rectify some corrupted files, damage or some other configuration issues; you need to write a new partition boot sector to the Windows system partition.
  • During the boot process, the partition boot sector is an essential part that plays a vital role in booting your device.
  • If there is any issue with the partition boot sector, you will get this “BOOTMGR is missing” error.

BOOTMGR is Missing Errors step next

  • To fix the BOOTMGR error, you need to rebuild the Boot Configuration Data (BCD).

Other Possible Solutions

There are some other possible fixes for this BOOTMGR is a missing error that appears on your PC.

  • You need to make sure that the hard drive and other drive settings in BIOS are precise. Some of your settings on BIOS Configuration might be wrong, and it could cause these issues like BOOTMGR errors.
  • If your device’s BIOS version is outdated then, it could eventually cause the “BOOTMGR is missing” error. To fix it, you can update the BIOS on your motherboard.
  • Another best process is to clean the installation process on your Windows device. If you perform this installation, it will totally remove Windows from your computer and try to install it once again right from the beginning. In most of the cases, this solution will fix your BOOTMGR errors on your device. Despite time-taking process, this will fix this error in the best way. Ensure that you have performed a back-up of your data present on your device. Later, you can restore all the data.
  • If in case, some files are unable to back up then, you will lose all those files from your device after performing the installation of Windows PC.
  • If you fail to fix the error even after performing the installation, you need to replace your hard drive and then install another copy of Windows.

Which Devices Cause BOOTMGR Errors?

Usually, people will come across these BOOTMGR issues only on some specific operating systems of Windows like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.

The older version of Windows operating system, i.e., the Windows XP will not use the BOOTMGR error. The similar operation on Windows XP is NTLDR that generates the NTLDR is missing errors on your device. It is a quite similar error just like the BOOTMGR is a missing error.

These are some of the BOOTMGR errors and the possible fixes for all the errors.

How to allow windows boot manager?

  • First turn on the computer and wait till the appearance of windows page.
  • Enter Spacebar immediately, and then BIOS screen will get appear before the appearance of logo screen.

bios screen windows 10

  • Now select operating system o boot and press enter on the keyboard.
  • Users can go with the press on F8 for boot options appearance.

Boot manager is a tool in Windows operating system which can allow the user to pick out operating system depends on the type of system at the session of running boot. This is especially considered under the use for operations which are accomplished with multiple operating systems.

Windows boot manager can get accessed for various software such as Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The process is going to get implemented through making a start up of the computer device.

Go with Boot record commands:

  • How can I fix Bootmgr is missing from CMD? To get the login to recovery console command prompt, command needs to fix as system recovery options command prompt for windows 7 and windows vista operating systems.

BOOTMGR is missing in windows 7

  • Now give a command for compact/u/a c** then enter the option.
  • Now this command will take long time duration to make the completion for a large drive to divide the finishing end.


This is not yet all a big issue or significant error, and it can get awarded with best and simple solution which was given above. We are guiding the users to don’t delay the error by keeping the computer by switch off.

If you go on fixing the error for a long duration, then that may lead to getting more problems while operating the device.

So it is better to erase the error within the short span of time without making any delay for better accessibility over operating the device. If the system met with the error, then the message will appear at start up a level only.

Don’t delay go on fixing the error by following the information mentioned above points. Finally, thanks for a visit this window how to guide, Hope you will enjoy this.


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