9 Way for Unlock Android Pattern Lock without Losing Data

Guys this is complete post about Unlock Android Pattern Lock without Losing information and also remove pattern lock without Gmail account and also without Hard reset of any Android smartphone, Samsung mobile phone, Samsung S, iPhone 7, S6, iPhone, iPad, HTC Desire, Blackberry, Nokia, Carbon and also other all mobile phone method here you will see in best steps.

Sometimes it is required to unlock a Smartphone for the urgent purpose. Or we may forget the lock pattern and we may experience the trouble while unlocking the Smartphone. Or the unlocking process may lead to losing of personal data on a gadget.

These are all the troubles that we may be experiencing while unlocking the pattern. It happens to a hefty portion of us, particularly when it has been changed as of late. If you can’t review your Smartphone lock or example for reasons unknown, performing a processing plant reset is one choice to recoup access.

In any case, then, unless you have gone down the substance, you’d lose all the information put away on the gadget. You might have the capacity to reinstall your applications from Google Play, yet any inclinations or spared progress inside of the applications will also be lost.

How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock without Losing information

In the event that you are an Android client, there are a couple of approaches to resetting your Smartphone password without losing any information. In this article, we’ll investigate a couple of these workarounds. Here we have given the complete solutions to unlock android lock without Gmail,

  • Unlock android lock pattern without google account,
  • Reset password by means of Forgot Password/Forgot Pattern link,
  • How to Reset Android without the password and various other easy approaches that help for unlocking pattern lock.
Go through the article for more information. The Unlocking made simple for people facing the trouble with android unlocking.

How to Unlock android pattern lock without Gmail

If you have admittance to the Google account connected with your Android gadget, however, can’t recollect the password or example to Unlock it, you can without much of a stretch reset that through Google. There are various approaches to resetting your password and recoup access to your Android gadget Using your Google Account.

Reset password by means of Forgot Password/Forgot Pattern link

In the event that you enter the wrong lock or example on your Android too often, you’ll get an “Overlooked Password” or “Overlooked Pattern” link on the lock screen contingent upon your security setting.
You can then restore access to your Android Smartphone or tablet by means of Forgot Password/Forgot Pattern link. Here’re the means by which to do as such:

  1. Attempt to unlock the gadget by giving the wrong password numerous times until you get the Forgot Password or Pattern link.
  2. Tap on the Forgot Password or Forget Pattern connection to continue to the Account Unlock page.
  3. Enter your Google Account qualifications to recuperate access to your gadget.
  4. Be that as it may, now and again, your Android gadget may not acknowledge your Google Account accreditation to Unlock your gadget,
  5. Despite the fact that you have supplied the right record secret key. In the event that that is the situation,
  6. you can utilize Google 2-Step Verification to restore access on your Android gadget.

1. Unlock Android with 2-stage confirmation

2-Step Verification includes an additional layer of security to your Google Account. At the point when 2-Step Verification is empowered, you have to enter a one of a kind code (got through the voice call, instant message or Google Authenticator) each time you sign into your Google account, notwithstanding the username and password.

2-stage confirmation

  • When 2-Step Verification is set up on your Google Account, it can be utilized to create application particular passwords,
  • Which permit outside applications and gadgets to get to your Google Account after they have been approved.
  • Enable 2-Step Verification for your Google Account.
  • In the wake of empowering 2-Step Verification,
  • You need to renounce access contents to your Android gadget through Google account and reauthorize it Using 2-stage confirmation.
  • When 2-stage confirmation is fruitful,
  • You ought to have the capacity to get to your gadget.

2. Unlock android pattern lock without Google account

This strategy obliges access to the Android System organizer. Also, for that, you might need to root your Android gadget if not officially established. 

The beneath aide will offer you to reset the password on your established Android gadget without the assistance of your Google Some assistance with accounting: For this workaround, we have to utilize a document chief application called Aroma File Manager.

Download Aroma File Manager (ZIP) and duplicate the record to the/sd card area of your Android gadget. Boot your Android gadget in Recovery mode. To do this, force it off and restart it by holding the Power and Volume Down keys together. 

However, the technique might shift somewhat from gadget to gadget. Perform a web hunt to know the precise technique for booting into recuperation on your Android gadget. 
Once in Recovery mode, utilize the Volume Up and Down keys to explore the alternatives and utilize the Home key or Power button to choose a specific choice.
Step 1. Go to “mounts and capacity” from the recuperation menu and select the accompanying alternatives in succession:

Step 2.mount/framework” >> “mount/information” >> “mount/efs” >> “mount/preload” >> “mount/sd card” >> “mount/external_sd” (if accessible).

mount external sd

Step 3. After every one of the volumes has been mounted, look down through the choices and select “Backpedal”.

Step 4. Next, you have to introduce the Aroma File Manager application from the ZIP document. To do this, select “introduce dash from sd card” >> “pick flash from sd card”.

Step 5. From the rundown of documents, select the compressed record that you have duplicated before to the/card index, and pick the Install alternative.

Step 6. Android will now introduce and dispatch the application specifically from Recovery mode. In the application, select Menu >> Settings and look down to pick the choice “Auto-mount all gadgets on begin”. Tap on done to spare the progressions. Exit the application to do a reversal to recuperation mode.

You have to run Aroma File Manager once again in Recovery mode. So select the compressed record again and pick the Install choice.

Step 1. This time, Aroma will dispatch having admittance to all the mounting areas.

Step 2. Go to information >> framework and search for the “password. key” or “gesture. key” document in this envelope.

Step 3. If you have a password lock, the document will be password. key; in the event that you have an example lock, it will be the gesture. key.

Step 4. Tap and hold the document to uncover related choices and select Delete alternative. Select Yes in the affirmation dialog.

Step 5. Once your lock or example document has been erased, you can restart your gadget in typical mode.

The gadget might request an example or password, yet it will acknowledge any data you give. In this manner, you can now get to the substance of your Android Smartphone or tablet with no loss of information.

Note: The above recuperation mode alternatives apply to Clockwork Recovery Mod.
If you have some other Recovery introduced on your gadget, the alternatives may be somewhat distinctive.

3. Reset Android without password with SD Card

In case you’re still not able to get to your Android gadget or would prefer not to root it, you might perform a Factory Reset to wipe off your password. Be that as it may be cautioned, performing Factory Reset will actually delete all information on your gadget.

Reset Android without password with SD Card

The progressions underneath will control you to perform plant reset when you cannot Unlock your Smartphone in any capacity:

  1. In the event that you have an outer SD card, expel it from the gadget.
  2. Information on the SD card will stay in place.
  3. Interface your Android to your PC by means of USB and reinforcement any Unlock information that is vital to you.
  4. After the reinforcement has been taken, turn off your Android and restart in Recovery mode.

For the most part, recuperation mode is gotten to by holding the Power button and Volume Down keys together, yet the grouping might differ as indicated by the gadget. Perform the web seek with your gadget name If you don’t know how to boot into Recovery.

  1. Once in Recovery mode, utilizes the Volume here and their keys to explore the choices and utilize the Home key or Power button to choose a specific alternative.
  2. Select “wipe information/plant reset” from the principal menu.
  3. In the affirmation expeditious, select Yes.

Wait for the procedure to finish. Once done, simply restart the gadget. Your Android would now be required to be set up for first-time use.

4. Unlock android phone after too many pattern attempts without factory reset

Process 1:

This is the exclusive technique for Galaxy – S Smartphone. This doesn’t work for other mobiles.

  1. Galaxy-S – Switch it off completely.
  2. The phone will start to end the Verizon Wireless logo video, quickly tap the home button to a great degree quick and over and over at least 4, 5 times in a second.
  3. In the event that the Emergency Call fastens pops, click that once in a while (3-5 times) yet continue clicking on the home button.
  4. Amid this procedure, your Smartphone might streak the lock screen or keypad screen only a couple times and your Smartphone will appear to be slacking because of the tapping.
  5. Just keep tapping until Android home buttons stay unfaltering at the base.

If the crisis keypad always shows up or if it demonstrates the Google account screen continually, you have fizzled. The achievement rate can associate with 15-half so continue attempting awaiting it works.

  •  Go to Settings App and go to Accounts and Sync.
  •  Under Manage Accounts, except Google account remove all the other accounts.
    Settings App and go to Accounts and Sync
  •  Press your power button now and again and enter your right Google account data.
  •  It will request another security pattern. Enter it twice and you are finished!

Process 2:

If the first method doesn’t work then one can proceed to this method. Preferably this method is recommended for all mobiles. Yet, after approaching the 3rd method provided here it is better to track this method.

Step 1. Go to the Android Market download page on your desktop and introduce the application. (Yes, you can introduce applications Using your desktop rather than your Smartphone) Direct connection: https://play.google.com/store/applications/details?id=net.thomascannon.screenlockbypass.fix

Step 2. Select the Smartphone you have (this is the reason you have to log in with the right Google ID) and introduce the application.

Step 3. Hold up around 5 minutes or restart your Smartphone and hold up a decent measure of time for the application to completely introduce.

Step 4.  On the application guidelines, it says to introduce whatever other application to trigger the Screen Lock Bypass application.

I didn’t do this yet for me, restarting the Smartphone, holding up, delicate now and again appeared to trigger it.

  • In the event that it worked and avoided the “an excess of example actions” screen, go to Smartphone Settings and afterward select Accounts and Sync.
  • Under Manage Accounts, uproot all records with the exception of your Google account.
  • Go to Settings and select Applications, then Manage Applications.
  • Discover Screen Lock Bypass and uninstall the application.
  • Utilize your unique Google username and password to at last Unlock your Smartphone appropriately.
  • Enter your new security pattern twice to wrap up!

5. Unlock without Losing Data

This method is the simple and effective method that works for all types of mobiles.

Step 1: Using your PC,

Step 2: sign into your Google account.

Step 3: You can check your right Google account Using the Additional Tip at the base of this article.
Step 4: Go to this connection simply – https://accounts.google.com/IssuedAuthSubTokens OR click your Google email in the upper right corner,

Select Account settings, then hit “Visit the past form of the Google accounts screen” towards the base, click

“Approving applications and destinations “ under your Personal Settings > Security.

Step 5: Under “Associated Sites, Apps, and Services – “Renounce Access” of your Google Account with Android.

Renounce Access

Step 6: You will see the screen demonstrating to “You have effectively disavowed access to Full Account Access”

Step 7. Enter Gmail login and lock on your Smartphone. It will now acknowledge your login information and will demonstrate an example screen.

Enter the “right” example and you can see the home screen.

6. Unlock Android Pattern Lock without The Internet

If  you can’t sign into your Google record to Unlock your gadget, you can, in any case, Unlock your gadget by means of Android System Recovery.

Kindly do the accompanying.

  1. Turn your Smartphone off.
  2. Attempt the accompanying key blends to check whether you can boot into Android System Recovery.
  3. Volume up button + Power button.
  4. Volume up button+ Home button + Power button.
    Unlock Android Pattern Lock without The Internet
  5. Volume up button + Volume down + Power button
  6. Some Android gadgets don’t have a local Android System Recovery, so If you can’t boot into Recovery, your Smartphone might require a benefit.
  7. When you have effectively booted into Android System Recovery, explore to “wipe information/Factory Reset” Using your volume key, then select it Using either your home button or power button.
  8. Explore to “Yes”, then select it.

7. Unlock Android Pattern Lock iPhone

In iPhone, there is no any alternative for include this component, however, I found an ideal approach to adding pattern lock to your iPhone simply like the android cell phone.

 In Cydia, there is one application there for add this example lock to iPhone or iPad.  Cydia is much the same as application store where you can locate some free and premium applications for your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: Go to Cydia and quest for the application “Android lock for nothing”.

Step 2: Download and Install the application on your iPhone from Cydia.

iPhone from Cydia

Step 3: To actuate the pattern lock on your iPhone, Go to settings and tap Android Lock and tap change pattern.

Step 4: Now include the example might you want to add on your iPhone.

Step 5: Click the rest button on the right side to lock your versatile.

Step 6: Now draw your lock example before you set for Unlock your portable.

8. Unlock android pattern lock Software

Android Multi Tools V1.02b Free Download For Windows Xp/7/8/Vista (32 Bit/64 Bit) Android multi apparatuses programming full setup exe for android gadgets free download without holding up specifically from its official servers.

This product permits you to Unlock your Android Smartphones pattern locks. If you overlooked your android gadget pattern lock and you need to uproot you Smartphone pattern lock then this device is most useful for you.

You can undoubtedly evacuate you android Smartphone pattern lock by Using this apparatus. simply interface your Android Smartphone to this device Using Via USB link. Android multi devices V1.02b full installer you can free download from its official site link.

9. Unlock Android Pattern Lock HTC

In the event that you’ve overlooked your screen lock password, PIN, for example, you have up to five endeavors to attempt and Unlock HTC Jetstream.

In the event that this comes up short, you can Unlock HTC Jetstream by entering your Google Account client name and secret key.

Android Pattern Lock HTC
  • On the Unlock screen, enter your screen lock password for example.
  • After the fifth step, when you’re approached to wait for 30 seconds, tap OK.
  • In the event that the showcase goes off, press the POWER button to walk out on, and after that Unlock the screen.
  • Tap the Forgot password? on the other hand Forgot pattern? button when it shows up.
  • Enter your Google Account name and secret key, and afterward tap Sign in.

10. Unlock Android Pattern Lock Samsung

Here is the simple method to Unlock Android Pattern for Samsung. It will work if you forgot the password / Lock pattern on any of the Samsung version Smartphone.
Check the steps from below.

  1. First, close down your Samsung Galaxy.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Put your battery back.
  4. Press the “up volume key”, “Force button” and the ‘Home button” all the while, until you see the “Recuperation Mode Screen.
  5. Using your volume key, move the cursor down to “wipe information/processing plant reset” and press the “home” to choose.
  6. Now, another screen shows up for affirmation. Simply move the cursor to “Yes” and again utilize the “Home button” to choose.

There you have it, your cellular Smartphone must reboot to its unique settings and you can now get to it without the need of your overlooked Pattern lock.


In the event that you overlooked your password or Unlock example, yet at the same time have admittance to your Google Recovery Account,

Then you can simply tap on “overlooked password?” which will take you to a screen where you will be required to enter your Google Account username and password. You’ll have to include the same enrolled username and lock you use at the Google Play store.

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