2 ways to Root Android Phone Without Computer PC

Did you hear about Root? It is the process to attain privileged usage, access over the Android sub – system on various Android gadgets SmartPhones and Tablets. By root an Android device, the user can be able to overcome the limitations that carry hardware manufacturers put on some devices.

A large portion of us has caught wind of Android establishing cell phones or telephones. Regardless of the possibility that the answer is negative or positive, it won’t make any difference, in light of the fact that when you wrap up this article, you would get knowledgeable with android rooting.

Root Android Phone

What is Android Rooting or Root?

Android is an OS (i.e. Open source OS) where you won’t be having full or complete root access to perform different capacities on your Smartphone.

Rooting is a system where one can traverse the confinements and get full access to the OS. Presents this attaching would help one to get access to the base of the OS and even give the fundamental capacity to make worldwide changes.

Advantages of Android Rooting:

  • One of the greatest advantages of establishing android gadgets without PC is having free and plentiful inward memory. 
  • People frequently battle with low inner memory, yet by establishing their telephone, they can exchange any applications from the inward memory to the SD card.
  • Moreover, you would have the capacity to utilize the most recent and current Android working framework. Just by establishing your gadget, 
  • It would give you the alternative to set up any future and current working framework by simply introducing the custom and tailor-made ROM.
  • One more great advantage of rooting an android without PC is the capacity to redo ROM. 
  • There is a large number of custom and subjective ROM which can help in doing different things right from accelerating the preparing capacity of your mobile phone to adjusting the whole alternatives, looks, and feel of the telephone. Isn’t that extraordinary?
  • Another important point of rooting your mobile is that you can run different unique applications. 
  • You could undoubtedly introduce an assortment of applications which are good alongside the established cell phones. 
  • Case in point, you could undoubtedly uninstall different applications after you have root gotten to by basically utilizing the uninstall choice.

Disadvantage of Android Root:

  • One of the greatest detriments of root android cell phones without PC is that you could wind up voiding the guarantee of the telephone. 
  • That is the reason some individuals keep away from it. To root means getting your mobile bricked. 
  • This is the most widely recognized inconvenience of utilizing the rooting technique.
  • Regardless of the amount of master or best you are in using the best exercise as a part of a root, there is doubtlessly it is just simply an overwhelming assignment. 
  • Along these lines, in the event that in the event that you pass out any step or flash the corrupt zip document, then you could wind up with a broken or bricked cell phone.

Methods to root Android Smartphone, Tablet without PC

If are you using other smartphone-like Table or any other and you wanna rooting then you can try for that using this method, because this method universal working with all devices, So you can keep mind it for future use. 

Yet before you get to know the most proficient method to root android without PC, you need to characterize what phone establishing is and what amount powerful it can be.

Root Android Phone Without PC Computer Rooting Easily

Here for the users of Android, who want to root their Android without PC, there are 2 easy and reliable methods. By choosing one of them, you can root your gadget.

Method 1: Employing Framaroot to “root android” without a computer

Method 2:
Using Universal And Root to Root Android Devices:

Now let us see the step by step process to root your mobile by using these two methods.

Method 1- Employing Framaroot to Root Android Without Computer PC

A Framaroot is a typically a single click application which can root a wide range of android phone gadgets or telephones and that too without the using PCs. This specific application was fundamentally grown by Alephzain who was from the XDA discussions.

With simply a single click on this specific application, one could introduce SU double and Superuser effortlessly on the mobile. Framaroot presently underpins Smartphones who have the phone rendition from 2 to 4.2. This is the speediest and simplest system to root without PC.

You should simply just download the Framaroot application and after that duplicate the downloaded document into the cell phone or gadget through the SD.

Step By Step Process to use Framaroot

1. The first step would be to download the specific Framaroot app to your PC or cell phone

2. Now in the event that you have downloaded the record to your PC, then you have to duplicate the APK document into the cell phone memory. In the event, that in the event that you have downloaded into the telephone, make a point to move it to a particular envelope.

Framaroot app

3. Once that is carried out, then you have to install the Framaroot from the given apk document.

4. Here you have to choose the ‘Install Superuser’ alternative which is the show in the Framaroot.

Install Superuser

5. Then you can choose any of the given adventures which would show up in the applications.

6. Now you may need to hold up and if you see this message “Achievement, SU twofold and Superuser installed”, it implies that your established application is effectively installed and you would need to reboot the framework keeping in mind the end goal to use it.

7. If it has displayed the message “Success … Superuser and so binary installed. You have to reboot your device” it means that your mobile got successfully rooted.

8. If you see “Failed … Try another exploit if available” message, try another method .

Anyhow, if you get a fizzled message, then there is an alternate adventure, technique to root phone without PC.

Method 2: Using Universal And Root to Rooting Android Devices:

1. On your Device, go to Settings, Applications > > click the checkbox Unknown Sources and save.

setting app

2. Download and Install the Universal And Root.

Unknown Sources

3. Now dispatch the Application in your Smartphone and after that click on the Root. Keep in mind to choose your right form of Android Phone.

4. Your phone would be effectively Rooted

Check Android phone is rooted or not?

Download Root checker to verify if your phone is rooted or not.


We hope you will enjoy this complete guide of phone rooting. As we are sharing complete step to step also many methods, You can try any one which you can understand better,

So we hope you will not get any issue to complete this tutorial, maybe if you find any issue to complete this then please ask us by commenting, 

Sure, we will reply your answer as well as soon, For more new ideas of Root Android Phone Without Computer PC keep coming.

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