15 Sites like Craigslist 2021? Know top best Alternative

Craigslist is one of the old popular online classifieds websites where the users can buy and sell the products online. So most of the people searching for sites like craigslist to get more about this Category.

So after share about Free movies websites and also Torrent sites now we are talking about this.

sites like craigslist

Top 15 Sites like Craigslist or Best  Craigslist Alternative

Though it is a famous and biggest site for buying and selling, it lacks user-friendliness and also the site is loaded with the ones who want to scam people.

  1. Oodle

Oodle Oodle is the biggest competitor sites to craigslist as it draws up the data from other sites such as MySpace, eBay etc. With this site, some of the listings are posted to oodle directly whereas with the other websites you will be able to see the listings which the seller has posted physically in the market place.

As oodle lists out the products from other websites like eBay, this is a good way for selling and buying antiques. It even allows the people to advertise the listing through the Facebook too for promoting transparency for creating reliable as well as safer experience when the people buy and sell the goods.

  1. Kijiji (Formerly Known as Close 5 and Before that eBay Classifieds)

Kijiji Kijiji is one of the best alternative websites to craigslist which is almost similar to the craigslist but having the credibility of eBay. Every month, the users can see thousands of ads posted in eBay classifieds.

Also, people can find many categories such as renting, hiring services, jobs listing, selling and lots more. The design of the site is very simple even the naive user can understand it. You just have to visit the website, enter your zip code or city name for seeing the listings in your area.


  1. Recycler

RecyclerRecycler is another good option for the people living in the country US. It is one of the great websites in which the buyers can find various kinds of used items listed on sales. The user can find used furniture, used cars, houses, and pets for rent and lots more.

Same as Oodle, this site also uses the integration with the social media for promoting the trust between the sellers and buyers. Almost the advertisements are free, but in order to get the premium features, the users can also pay a certain amount of fee.

  1. Geebo

geebo Geebo website mostly concentrates on the listing of jobs as the users can see them from the site’s homepage. Not only this, the website also gives various other categories that the users would be interested in.

You can almost find anything on this website such as used times, apartments leasing which focuses mainly in the region of United States. In order to make selling and buying safer when compared to other online sites classifieds, this site offers the “SafeTrade” transactions. Geebo is very best alternative compared to craigslist.

  1. Letgo

letgo LetGo is the other popular alternative to craigslist. This site is user-friendly and better than Facebook in terms of categorizing the listing of products. The users can search with the help of the particular keywords or else for the general categories on this site such as Accessories, fashion,

Home, and garden etc. When the user clicks on the product listing, they can also see other items for the sale from the same seller. It is a bit safer compare to craigslist as the buyers or sellers have to verify their Facebook or the Google account for creating the Letgo profile. Along with pictures, users can also post videos on this website which is a great thing. Finally, it is a convenient website.

  1. Backpage

backpageThis site has local pages for every major city in the world with a basic layout. It mainly focuses on the regions of the United States. Users can buy and sell almost everything in this website and the listings are free. There are various sections or categories that focus on ads that are related to real estate, job listings, automotive and lots more things.

You just have to browse the listing or else you can make your own listing by choosing the correct city. Along with the description of the product, you can also add video or image if you are selling on this website. Not = Now site is seizure by U.S. authorities.

  1. Offerup

Offerup Offerup is a small alternative to the craigslist but has lots of listings of the products which are popular with more than 23 million app downloads. The visitors and sellers can also broadcast their product listings in the Facebook too.

They can even get ratings which makes them feel that their sales process is safe. This website is similar to the Pinterest. This site allows the users to accept the price that is listed by the sellers or else make their own offer too. Users can also add the listings to their watch list if they are not ready for buying immediately.

  1. Bookoo

Bookoo Bookoo site is known to be a family-friendly alternative website to the Craigslist. Users can list the items individually for selling or they can advertise their yard sale. The Bookoo locations are all over the country and there are lots more in towns with the base’s military which makes it easy for the members of the military for buying or selling things with the current move.

It even offers more information about the sellers with the intention of providing the fair idea about the sellers with whom they are dealing with the buyers. Though it is a small website, it has a huge number of members.


  1. Facebook

facebook Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for buying and selling things locally through its buy and sell groups and lots of people do not know this. You would see huge number of listings in Facebook as almost everyone has their own Facebook account.

In order to find the selling group locally, you can just type the name of the local city as well as the yard sale online. Users can also click on the “Buy and Sell Groups” button present in the Explore menu. Within the group, the users can also search with the particular keywords for the particular product you wanted to buy.

If you are not submitting the search criteria, then the results that will be shown up are just like the news feed of the Facebook and show the results in the sequential order of posting. Before listing the product for selling, read the guidelines of the group carefully as some of them are more restrictive.

  1. Trove Market

trove market Trove Market site sells the second-hand furniture exclusively for any room of the house. Users can browser in this website through their mobile app or through online.

This site will use the location of the user automatically for displaying the most suitable listings for the users or the users can also a browser for the listings across their country. Whether the user is searching for the antique or something modern, the site will probably have what the user wants or for what they are searching for.


  1. Hoobly

Hoobly Hoobly website has the most similar looks as well as feel of the Craigslist when compared to other alternative websites given here in this post. Users can simply search for whatever they want on this website apart from the product listings of the countries Europe and Canada.

As there are more listings for the animals on this website than any other merchandise categories that are listed, you can successfully sell and buy them through Hobbly. It is free to shop at Hobbly as well as free to post too.


  1. OLX

olx OLX site has its presence in nearly 100 countries around the world. This website is known to be the best free classified sites locally. It is a good market place for checking the things that you are looking for in your local area such as, real estate, books, cars, jobs, musical instruments and many more. Almost everything is shown on this website.

This has been the first choice in India as it has great number of products listed in it and it is a viable option. In the countries in which this site is active, it is not only a site alternative or similar to craigslist, it is far better with huge number of users as well as with official mobile applications for buying and selling the products at one go. As per the buyers, the items listed on this website are much cheaper when compared to the other online stores.

  1. Gumtree

Gumtree Gumtree is basically a UK based popular website, but it is expanding all over the world having its presence in the other countries such as Australia and through the Europe and the expat communities of the United States. It has quickly become the most popular classified website after it has been found.

Now, this website has turned in to all in one place for the things from computers to iPhones, cars, apartments and jobs too. This site offers the classified services both for free and paid which keeps buyers and sellers keep in touch with one another. This site is largest for the job listings and motors. It is advised to be careful when the users are looking for flats in this website as it has reputation for being a means for cheating people out of money.

  1. The Online Yard Sale

The Online Yard Sale The Online Yard Sale is same as the VarageSale which tries for creating the feeling that they are browsing for the yard sale in their neighborhood. It also allows the users to connect to the people from everywhere. People will sell everything from riding the lawnmowers to the books usually that people sell at the garage sale.

Few larger items listed will have pick-up only but if you can talk and convenience the sellers you can get your things delivered to your place. Though there are not much things for selling on this website, this grows in no time.


  1. PeerHub

PeerHub PeerHub is a good combination of eBay, Craigslist, and Etsy. This is a place for buying and selling locally or across the country with cash/credit card or through the Steam currency. It is free for buying or selling things through this site.

With the help of the Steam, credit card and PayPal transaction fees are eliminated. This site is also having the social media platform where the product placement and the rating increase as the following of the user improves. This is defiantly a good place if you want to buy or sell the things online that can be traditional or eclectic side.



These are all the top 15 websites that we have collected from the web after a thorough research for buying and selling things online or for posting ads etc.

These are the best alternatives to the craigslist and even better that it. So if you are a buyer or a seller, you can choose any of these best platforms based on your needs to buy and sell your things. Hope you will enjoy sites like craigslist collection.

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